Local doc bummed after Mayor Bloomberg reverses course, cancels N.Y. marathon

Norwalk baby doctor had planned to run with son in world's largest marathon this weekend.
Aaron Krause
Nov 3, 2012


Dr. James Kasten was on a plane to New York on Friday, pumped and ready to run the New York Marathon -- the largest in the world.

Five minutes before landing in the Big Apple, the announcement came: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had canceled this year's marathon.

To read what Kasten had to say, see the story on the front page of Saturday's Reflector.



Maybe instead of worrying about the marathon, he could of donated some of his time helping out the victims of the storm in New York, now that would be a story!

All taken

I read this in a news article, wonder if he will do this instead>

A different kind of marathon will take place on hard-hit Staten Island on Sunday, with runners carrying backpacks filled with things like baby wipes and energy bars,bottled water etc...
to those in need.


@ All taken:

I spoke with a neighbor who has friends on Staten Is. - it's bad.

All taken

We can only imagine what it is like there!!! That is exactly why Dr Kasten should
run and donate to the disaster area!!!


I had to read the article before commenting, but the sentiment didn't get much better.

It read as narcissistic as expected.

I'm sure that a few New Yorkers are more than equally "bummed" that their homes were "cancelled" and that their lives have been put on hold.

Old joke: Doctors are not God, but they tend to like to play the role.


Hell froze over...I agree with Winnie. This Doctor could be there helping out instead of "seeing a show", and visiting family. I'm sure the friends and family of the ones who died are "bummed" too. Good job Doc.


@ Zippy:

Since you're so full of ideas on what he shoulda done; why don't you tell your boss that you're taking a week or so off, head for the East Coast and help out?

It ain't cold enough yet in MI.


See Winnie, you can't even be decent when someone agrees with you. Troll. For one, I work for a living and have no vacation time left. Why don't you go?? I did donate to the Red Cross, did you?? I bet not.


@ Zippy:

"Someone"? More like a nobody.

A "good" liberal woulda thought of an unpaid leave of absence.

I donate more money annually than you ever thought of. Don't deduct your donations from your income taxes and be a 'real' liberal.


Oh Winnie, go give yourself an Enema.


@ Zippy:

Good to see that you've returned to abnormal. :)


I am surprised Doc even felt like it would happen. But what was he supposed to do? Pure political fallout forced it to be cancelled at the last minute. That's what i would be PO'd about. Like Bloomberg really cares about the people? Sure it's a bummer for the Doc, but i don't think he really is angry or anything. The plane ride? now that is where i would be upset. Bloomberg NOT cancelling it from the get go. Goes to show the money brought into the city from the marathon meant more to politicians than the care for there constituents.


It's just tacky and sad that they thought that the race was going to take place after the unprecedented destruction and damage!

WTF were they thinking?

Brock Lee

marathon changed to swiming in the subway

all fact or all...

Can't understand people. Tell the families of the 39 New York and Staten Island people that died a Marathon is more important.

Dr. Information

Lord people....he was bummed that he was on a plane and they cancelled last minute. I doubt he is upset about the plane ticket and Im sure he has compassion for those that lost their lives. Leave it to the downers to always turn everything into a bashing contest.

On the same hand.....you guys will bash a Dr. who is bummed that they cancelled the event, but on the other hand you will support a president who fully ignored cries of help of 4 innocent Americans in Libya and sat back and watched the footage unfold and watched them die.......THIS IS SOMETHING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED!!!!!!!! Totally Hypocritical of you idiots.

Darwin's choice


former local

Someone watches too much Fox News!

Dr. Information

Someone has a union bug up their butt and watches CNN to much.

Cliff Cannon

@ Dr. Information: Do not doubt for a second that Jim Kasten was only bummed because the race was cancelled at the last moment. Obviously,for anyone to compete in a challenge of this magnitude, with their son competing in it and their daughter watching would be oFF the charts cool.So disappointment would be natural,true?

However,must add a 'touche' for your pointing out the hypocrisy of those who ----choose to ignore the President's actions---- in those needless,tragic death's in Libya.Then attack a local man for wanting to play with his children in a game that means nothing,yet means everything.

Here's hoping,you awoke more people than just me,with your comment on Mr.Obama's lack of action in Libya. Because,obviously,you reminded people that both Glen Doherty and Sean Smith who lost their lives while Obama did nothing. Have had their parents call that loser out for doing nothing while their son's died. And,then, who would vote for him?

Here's also hoping the Kastens get to run in N.Y. next year. As I for one do not doubt they did something to help New Yorkers this year,dispite being 'disappointed' they could not run


Cliff, no one knows all the details on this story. But I am sure the President does not sit in the situation room and control every mission like he did with Osama Bin Ladin. The whole thing was most likley over before he even heard about it! Thats what I heard on the news from a retired General, and it made sense. We will see...hope you are well.

Cliff Cannon

@44846GWP: Good morning. Long time,no debate. Glad to hear from you and I'd like to debate a few things.

First of all. How many times have you read people complaining about the 'Reflector' publishing only 'bad news' ? Yet,this weekend there is a beautiful story of beautiful people( the Bores/Sparks family's) fostering over 100 children. A whooping 2 comments.

So imagine my surprise to see first, a story on Jim Kasten not running in N.Y. Then to see 20 comments on a man not doing something. (Think about it 20 comments on a man ----NOT---- doing something)

Obviously, Dr. Knowledge struck a nerve as you could tell. like so many others,I've been following the Libya story fairly close.Naturally,the web is overflowing with storys on it. And rather than send links,etc. I'd just urge you to check into them.

Especially,pay attention to one of the late Ambassador Stevens crucial jobs: Redistribute Libyan weaponary. Then attempt to discern how much of that weaponary will end up in Al-Quaeda backed hands in Syria to name one place

Then put your self in my shoes. My Marine son and son-in-law leave soon for the Mediterrean on at least a 10 month cruise. Obviously,their roles are to be there in case " something gets hot". Which would of course,put them on the ground facing those weapons Mr. Obama tacitly approved of sending to Syria

No doubt your correct ;"the whole thing was over before he heard about it" Obviously,he has been on the campaign trail. So info,would be slower coming in to him. Yet,if you read up on Libya. You will see warnings.You will see requests for help. You will see an Ambassador correctly fearing for his safety. And what was Washinton's response? Put the spin doctors to work when all were dead

Mr Doherty,whose son died when his machine gun ran out of bullets had this to say to Mr Obama: " It is better to die a brave man,than to live as a coward" Amen.

Here's hoping the American people get to eventually hear the truth. Because,when even the N.Y. Times turns against Mr.Obama. You know it ain't gonna be pretty.

P.S. Thanks again for writing. We will have to do it more often. Hopefully on important topics like people fostering over 100 children.Great week to you

Dr. Information

@Cliff.....its called JEALOUSY. People sit at home, read this and are like....that rich a$$hole, complaining about not running in a marathon....yada yada. Yet these same people go about their everyday lives, doing the exact same thing and pay no attention to those who have lost lives on the east coast. Its easy to point the finger. What about the countless troops that are killed monthly.....I don't see the outrage there either? He was bummed because Bloomberg, the known idiot, didn't cancel it right off the bat, which he should of done and not wait till the day before. Running in the NYC Marathon is a big accomplishment and I bet not one of the posters, including me could even come close to qualifying for it. It takes a long time, sometimes years to prepare and get to the point where you can run fast enough to qualify. At his age, its a huge thing. He was upset because it was cancelled when it looked as though it was going to still happen. Nothing more nothing less. Good God the morons on this site.

Cliff Cannon

@ Dr.Information : I do not doubt for a second that some folks are jealous of Doctors. Nor do I doubt,that many who point fingers at others,would do better to point those fingers at themselves.Then change the one person,they truly can---themselves.

I also,once again thank-you for bringing to light-- in my opinion ---Mr.Obama's own personal "Bay of Pigs" or " Watergate" or " Iran-Contra" or which ever label one chooses to apply to his Libyan disaster

However, I must disagree with your blanket statement; " Good God the morons on this site" comment. Reason's,being there are a ton of good people commenting here. Then " Contango" and "44846GWP" are debating partners, as well as friends in the making. And even though,they argue like school boys at times, I read nothing in their comments to include them in your blanket statement.

Having said that. I also,enjoy your plain spoken common sense style of writing and look very forward to many future debates


Bloomburg was playing politics.
He wanted things to "look" normal instead of working to get things back to normal,
Typical liberal, style over substance.


I am praying for all the people in the east who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.