'Opiate addict' skips court hearing

Woman free on recognizance bond must show up by Monday or face arrest warrant.
Aaron Krause
Nov 3, 2012


A self-proclaimed "opiate addict" who has admitted to stealing prescription drugs from two elderly neighbors skipped her court hearing on Friday.

Amanda R. Rickgauer, 25, of 1121 Sandusky St., Plymouth, has until 1 p.m. Monday to appear in court. If she does not, a warrant will be issued for her arrest, Huron County Common Pleas Court Administrator Linda Stower said.

Rickgauer, who was released from jail on her own recognizance, was charged with a felony count of possession of drugs and first-degree misdemeanor theft.

Police went to Rickgauer's home, where her husband accused his wife of stealing prescription drugs from a neighbor, police said. The 84-year-old neighbor said Rickgauer came to his house with her son and asked if her son could use his bathroom.

Afterward, the victim said his pills were missing from the shelf near his toilet, police said.

Rickgauer admitted to going to the victim's house, but initially denied taking the drugs. The suspect gave a police officer permission to search her purse. The officer, in his report, said a prescription bottle came out of the purse when he dumped out the contents and the bottle contained 32 Paroxetin pills and six Ativan pills.


hit the road jack

Arrest her and then what,let her go again?

Brock Lee

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Yall Make Me Sick





I am sure she is sorry for forgetting to come to court. She looks like another candidate for Teen challenge. NOT


Yea, she can say she is sorry and then get some free REHAB at the resort!

yogi bear

Released from jail on her own recognizance, basically saying " I promise to show up" to court. She skips her hearing and she is given until Monday to show up or they issue a warrant? Lets give her more time to skip the area. What is it with our judicial system? I bet they forgot to make her say "cross my heart and hope to die" when they gave her the recog.

Paranoid Illusion

So she fails to show Friday but can come Monday before 1:00 PM. Maybe if she fails to show then, she "better" show Tuesday by noon. If not, she will be in BIG TROUBLE if she does not show Wednesday morning... Because THEN she better show sometime Thursday... DEFINITELY no later than Friday...............


"opiate addict" really how tacky,thats the best u got n.r.

Dr. Information

Pill popper. Would that of been better.


Maybe she forgot to change her clocks back? LOL


She has 30 minutes, to turn herself in, I wonder if she did, or did they extend it until Friday?