City hopes to act quickly on Woodlawn property

Although the victims put debris by the curb, sanitation crews cannot pick up more than three cans or bags of garbage each week, Norwalk officials say.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 5, 2012


The city of Norwalk is hoping to move quickly on a recent property destroyed by fire at 21 Woodlawn Ave.

Since the Oct. 11 fire, debris had been collecting on the curb near the residence and the home had the potential to be an eventual trouble spot.

By city ordinance, the sanitation department cannot pick up more than three cans or bags of garbage. It's the property owner's responsibility to get rid of the excess trash, officials say.

So the homeowner, Deb Cox, and her family moved some of the debris back inside last week. A story about their plight, and what city officials are saying about the situation, was published on the front page of Monday's Reflector.



I live on Woodlawn and I see those garbage trucks come by and one will stop at a house 3 doors down from me, then they will drive up the road and hit another house. Then a while later a truck will come by & get the recyclables, then a while later a truck will come by & get a few more houses. Then a while later another truck will come by and get some more on the street, ETC. I've always thought that this was a terrible waste of fuel, but who am I to question the city's logic? My question is, If all of these trucks are going by there anyway, why couldn't one truck pick up some of the trash in front of the burnt house, and the next truck come by and get some of it? Besides that, hasn't the sanitation dept. ever heard of extenuating circumstances? I mean their house just burnt down!!! So the city paid some schlupp to go to that family and tell them to put the burnt trash BACK in their house?!?! Give me a break! This story should go as a definite "ROAST" in the Reflector's "Toast & Roast" section!


Agree 100% with you Mitchhegedusic!!! Deb is a wonderful lady with a large kind heart. The city could easily help her out! She does so much for others, its time for her to reap her rewards!

yogi bear

why are they in such a rush for this house. there have been other burnt out houses that sat a lot longer. the one at pleasant and jefferson sat for a long time until they tore it down


Because Norwalk sux, perhaps? Just asking.


Its prob. too close to the towns "beloved" Mill Street Bistro. They want to "save" their image...such a shame!


I was really shocked, surprised,and mad when I read this story! Also, for the very first time since I was born and raised in this city, I felt ashamed of Norwalk. I never thought I would ever feel this way for my home town. Deb has helped out so many here in their time of need and now she needs help and what does Norwalk do? Tell her to move trash back in her burnt house and count trash bags! For crying out loud where is the compassion here? Do we have to follow rules so closely that we forget about the situation the family is going through? Is money becomming so important to mankind that we just can't help a person out? Shame on you Mr. Mayor and city counsel for not giving assitance where it is needed. And to think we voted these people into office. Also, I thought this mayor is a man of God. Makes me ask one final question: What would Jesus do?


Reads like a possible govt. issue; what's Councilman Carlton's take on this?