UPDATE 2- Driver used heroin prior to crash, troopers say

Female passenger suffers life-threatening injuries after van slams into tree. Both occupants airlifted to Toledo hospital.
Cary Ashby
Nov 2, 2012


A woman is fighting for her life in a hospital after a van crashed into a tree Thursday on Peru Center Road in rural Monroeville.

Lori A. Atkins, 37, of 312 S. Main St., Willard, was trapped in the front passenger's seat. Authorities determined she was wearing her seatbelt.

"It was a tough one," said Tom Beck, Huron River Joint Fire District chief. "It was a struggle to get her out. The dash was right up into her."

The driver, Todd L. Picklesimer, 42, of the same address, was driving a 1998 Mercury Villager minivan southbound at 11:05 a.m.

Picklesimer crossed the center line and went off the left side of the road, said troopers with the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol. The van hit a street sign and phone junction box before colliding head-on with a tree at 2918 Peru Center Road. Troopers said Picklesimer, who wasn't wearing his seatbelt, was ejected from the van.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the accident scene, click HERE.)

When authorities arrived, Picklesimer was laying alongside the vehicle, suffering from multiple fractures.

Huron River sent three trucks and nine firefighters to the scene.

Because of the heavy entrapment and the difficulty in removing Atkins, Beck requested assistance from the Norwalk Fire Department. The Norwalk crew was called about noon.

"We struggled to get the dash off her," Beck said.

However, just prior to the arrival of Norwalk's two trucks and five firefighters, the Huron River crew was able to free Atkins. She sustained multiple trauma, which Beck labeled as "life-threatening."

"We appreciate their assistance," Beck said about Norwalk firefighters, who were at the scene about 45 minutes.

Picklesimer and Atkins were flown in separate LifeFlight helicopters to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

As of Thursday night, Atkins was listed in critical condition and Picklesmier in serious condition, a hospital spokesperson said.

Troopers said they suspect "drug impairment" was a factor in the one-vehicle crash, which remains under investigation.

"He had admitted to using heroin earlier in the day. We will be drawing blood," Sgt. Jason Demuth said Thursday afternoon. "He said he used it about 3 o'clock this morning."

The patrol will be requesting a blood sample be drawn from Picklesimer at Mercy St. Vincent.

North Central EMS also assisted at the scene.



when are people going to learn that it is hard enough to drive on our roads somedays completely sober let alone high or drunk. I will pray that God gives them a second chance and they realize it and do something good with their lives. Yall can you tell me why you think that people are trying to play God? Just wondering.


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Yall Make Me Sick

Because that person was being sarcastic! This is not the time nor place to be acting like that. Yes this person shot up while getting behind the wheel! I agree that he should be punished. But to be sarcastic about how we should all pray for them that's just making fun of people who really do have a heart and are praying for both involved & their family knowing both have young children still is just not cute or funny!


All People in this area have been affected by hard core drugs,no matter where u r n society,Lots of ppl throwing trash when should b praying for these ppl,yeah thats right U that have made all these nasty comments, ur family too has been dealing with the drug problem within ur own family and friends,better b thankful it wasnt ur loved ones,heartless ppl,,it comes back around ppl,,watch urself

Yall Make Me Sick

Amen & I agree we'll said!


No, sorry my family is NOT dealing with a drug problem. I can throw all the trash I want, I have never had a drug problem. I am thankful my loved one was NOT an innocent bystander injured or killed by this person.

One Solid SOB

Everyone in the community deals with the drug problems in our area, it doesn't matter if you know the people addicted or not. Kara does come around, and it might be someone you care about that gets caught up in that life next. You can say your better than everyone else, but the truth is that anything can happen to anyone. There was a woman that stole, cheated and treated her husband very badly some years ago, and karma came back on her and took her 5 yr. old daughter in an accident out by Woody Ridge. Just goes to show ya what goes around comes around.

Brock Lee

will you still stick up for the drugys when they kill inocent peple

Dr. Information

Do not have one family member or friend into the drug scene. Speak for yourself and don't throw those of us that choose the other road ( the right road) in the same boat. Thanks.




I'm just curious if either of these two had jobs and medical insurance, or are we the tax payers going to pick up the two life flight trips and the enormous medical bills? Although they did not hurt anyone but themselves, the may have hurt honest law abiding tax payers.


Wow YEAHME, how the hell would you know that my sister has never been there! that is a bunch of bullshit that you would bash her like that when she is in the condition that she is in!






If you no her so well you would no that she has a brother not a sister! also Lori wasnt the driver here, that other idiot was!! Why don't you tell us your name, that way we can put all of your skeletons hidden in YOUR closet on the net for everyone to see BITCH!




I see it this way WE SHALL NOT JUDGE!!! It doesn't matter what they were on or what kind of life they have had. THEY BOTH ARE HUMAN!! My prayers and thoughts go out to them both and family. This is sad that people are writing bad things on here. Who are you to JUDGE?

Yall Make Me Sick



Seriously ... off TOPIC? You removed a comment that was off topic ... but yet people can post a slang word for fesses? WOW Please people ... "let's tell the truth" here


Lori is very lucky to be alive and people that want to sit here and critize her make me completly sick. You guys just need to shut up. Honestly and she was there for her children. Everytime they needed her she was there. So i have no idea where you got that information from. Like MA1986 said um why dont you reveal who you are then will start bashing on you.. People make me sickk.. Come on what has people come to now a days??