Home-Aid Meals goal: 50,000 Meals

Bank partners with local food pantries.
Aaron Krause
Nov 14, 2012


Area food pantries are among those selected to participate in a partnership between Home Savings and Home-Aid Meals, a bank-wide initiative to help fight hunger.

Home Savings is partnering with local food pantries to provide at least 50,000 meals to the hungry in all communities served by the bank. The area food banks include Bellevue Fish & Loaves, the Norwalk Area Food Bank, Care and Share of Erie County and the Willard Area Food Bank.

A story about this effort was published in the Reflector.



This article sounds like they want people to be hungry! Their goal is to provide 50,000 meals. Shouldn't their goal to be to have to serve only 100 meals? I realize that if you divide 50,000 by 4 that only gives you 12,500 per city, but isn't that a lot? Especially since some of the four doesn't have that many in their whole town? (Just asking)