Who dropped off the heart in a jar?

Someone dropped off a heart, possibly a human one, in a fluid-filled Mason jar at the county landfill.
Cary Ashby
Nov 1, 2012


 Here. Take this heart; I don't want it.

Someone dropped off a heart in a fluid-filled Mason jar at the Erie County landfill. The incident happened between 12:30 and 3 p.m. Saturday during a county-sponsored hazardous materials collection at the Hoover Road facility.

"The item was not noticed until the end of the collection when the workers were sorting out the items," Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

Workers suspected it might be a human heart. The jar was in a cardboard box full of hazardous materials.

"(It) could be human -- could be an animal," Sigsworth said. "It looks like it's in a preservative solution, probably formaldehyde."

Workers don't know who dropped off the jar or box, but the jar was brought to the attention of Erie County environmental services worker Lisa Beursken.

"She called us Monday morning," Sigsworth said.

The sheriff released it to the Erie County coroner's office for testing. Sigsworth said Dr. Brian Baxter is out of town so one of the deputy coroners will be doing the examination.

"We would like to know the origin of this," Sigsworth said.

Anyone with information about the heart is encouraged to call the Erie County Sheriff's Office at (419) 625-7951.


Raziels Wings

to me it looks like a heart from a nursing school or a teaching hospital..

Estrella Damm

A- Christina Perri.

Brock Lee

my girlfriend left me an took my heart with her i want it back

swiss family

maybe the "tin Man">????????