Local teen accused of shooting mom to be tried as adult

Bond set at $100,000; attempted murder indictment could follow.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 1, 2012


A Willard teenager accused of shooting his mother in the back will be tried as an adult.

This determination was ordered by Huron County Juvenile Court Judge Timothy Cardwell after a probable cause hearing Wednesday.

After Michael Mason, 16, of 23 N. Main St., Willard, allegedly shot his mother in May, he fled the scene, causing an extensive manhunt and forcing the Willard schools to be on lockdown.

Mason eventually was apprehended at a Pearl Street residence in Willard.

The boy's mother, Melissa Mason, was taken to Mercy Hospital in Willard and later transferred to a Toledo hospital. She was later released.

"Probable cause was established," said Chris Mushett, juvenile court administrator, about Wednesday's hearing.

"Bail was set at $100,000," Mushett added.

Mason remains incarcerated at the Seneca County Youth Center.

Mason's case is now headed to a grand jury and then likely the common pleas court where he could face the charge of attempted murder with a gun specification, which is a first-degree felony.

The gun Mason is accused of using to shoot his mother was reported stolen from his grandfather prior to the shooting.


swiss family

Great Job Judge Cardwell... of course he should be tried as an adult... he could have killed his Mom by shooting her, and her deserves to be punished as an adult............................. I am a little concerned though when I read that it is headed to the Grand Jury and then to Common Pleas Court.. I am pretty sure that it means it is headed toward Judge Conway and Leffler, the Plea Bargain kings.. so although you did what should have been done, once again, Leffler and Conway will Plea it down to some wimpy charge like "irresponsible discharge of a fire arm... $500, fine, Probation, and a lecture.... would Judge Cardwell ever consider running against Conway for the Common Pleas Judge????


Swiss - Since both Judge Conway and Mr. Leffler are running unopposed for full terms on Tuesday I don't suppose any change is going to be soon in those positions.

swiss family

Sarra....you seem to have the attitude that whatever the "government tells us is OK, and we are hopeless to do anything about it.. I on the other hand believe that a government of the people, by the people and for the people can accomplish all that we determine we can change and have the guts, determination , and are willing to put in the effort, we can change ANYTHING !!!

I believe that everyone has a boss, and no official is above everyone else and can do as they please even over the constant objection of the people.I feel irt is easy to say well, no one is running against them, so we have to live with the terrible and harmful job that they are doing...I believe that When the people have had enough, and When the people demand real Justice, and when people demand that we will have a Prosecutor, Judge and Defense lawyer that will act on the behalf of the community...AND ARE WILLING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... only then we might get the change and Justice we are seeking.. it is the harder thing to do... it is easy to shrug and say we can't do anything because they are running unopposed, but most times the right thing is rarely the easy thing...


Swiss - all I ever report is based on fact. Mr. Leffler's new term will end on January 1, 2017 and Judge Conway's new term will end sometime in May, 2019. These are facts and have nothing to do with attitude. You want to end Plea Bargains we all understand that. They exist not just here but everywhere else for a reason and that reason is cost. Again these are facts and have nothing to do with attitude.


at least scoot cropped out the poopeating- grin deputies.

Dr. Information

Why would you even comment on that? You have a hard on for the Sheriff dont you.


B/c the deputies in the picture look like they just ate dookie sangwiches. just an observation Dr. Info.


B/c the deputies in the picture look like they just ate dookie sangwiches. just an observation Dr. Info.