Drug dealer, would-be burglar get probation, no further jail time

Two defendants placed on three years of intensive probation.
Cary Ashby
Nov 1, 2012


Two defendants were placed on three years of intensive probation Tuesday for their separate crimes.

Russell L. Willard, 27, of 66 1/2 Monroe St., Monroeville, pleaded guilty Sept. 17 to attempted burglary.

In a separate case, New Washington resident Lucas J. Blankenship, 26, was convicted that same day of trafficking in methadone for a controlled drug buy arranged by the Huron County Sheriff's Office. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count of trafficking in alprazolam.

The two men, now both free, were fined $250 and given no further jail time Tuesday.

A story with details about both criminal cases and the terms of their probation was published in Thursday's Reflector.



Omg! Ouch! Quit slapping ! It hurts! :+0


nice to know i can go around trying to break into houses with my briefcase pharmacy in hand and only have to pay $250 if i get caught. A+ job huron country judicial system. you get two thumbs way up for proving just how much this county cares about the drug trade and home invasion.

rocketman 51

abolish our system here and the dipchits runnin it. just slap them when picked up and let em go , lots cheaper

R U Kidding me

Thats awsome I was to drunk to drive so I was walking home and my fine was more then theres and and I got jail time because I have walked home and got stopped more then once. But the story is they have already gave up a few names on there connections. I know one of them and he said he had to narc.

swiss family

what is the difference between "probation",...and "INTENSE" Probation????I would be willing to bet that there is NO difference.. the Judge and Prosecuter are just using that word to make it seem like they are "Cracking down" on crime.....what a sad Joke the Huron County Justice system is...and if they are "Narcing" what is the point??? even when they catch the people who have meth labs, and are making this stuff, like the 2 people currently accused and arrested for making it, they just slap them , and put them on "SUPER SERIOUS INTENSE, AND NOT KIDDING PROBATION" oooohhh that will teach them....