Abandon ship, er, car! Water claims vehicle after motorist tries to drive down street closed by flooding

Trio forced to abandon car stuck in flooded part of Norwalk's aptly-named Water Street.
Jeff Van Natta
Oct 31, 2012


An out-of-state motorist tried to cross a flooded Water Street but didn't make it very far before the vehicle got stuck Tuesday.

The driver, Nate Draper, and his two passengers, Grant Dauch and Ryan Rang, were forced to get on top of the car after was surged nearly up to the top of the hood.

The men were able to get to higher ground, and no one was injured.

Draper, 27, of Mississippi, was charged with driving on a closed street. Police warned the men that they would be arrested if they went back into the water.

The vehicle was later towed from the scene.



"Hey ya'll watch this"


Activate the bat submarine Robin... Quickly, before the Penguin gets away! And don't spill my beer or weed!

My Opinion is...

I would like to nominate these 3 idiots for Darwin Awards.


I guess in Mississippi they do not have "ROAD CLOSED" signs? Or did they not know what that meant?

hor mone

Yeee Haaa, I CaIn't swim.


ohhh.....SNAP....the dumbest people on earth!


The famous last words of a good ol' boy:

Here...hol' my beer and watch THIS!


The only possibility at havin' more fun would be guns and alcohol.


This trio could clearly see the water since it was light.... so they are either stoned , drunk or just plain stupid!!


Maybe they were just trying to get the heck out of Norwalk. I don't blame them, no matter the risks.

Estrella Damm


Sitting In The ...

Norwalk PD would of filed more charges but there no law against rampant stupidity. Not only do the three stooges drive down a clearly flooded street then climb out until they realize they gained the attention of NPD and got back in the car and continued driving deeper in the water as if the cops would say "well they made it through" let not talk to them. Thank you gentlemen I needed a good laugh.


Idiots. They should be required to pay for every penny for what it took to get their vehicle out...the policemen's wages, fire department wages, and anyone else who had to be at that scene to get their stupid behinds out of that situation. I wonder if their insurance company would fight a claim being as they purposely ignored the "road closed" signs? As the saying goes, it's too bad stupid doesn't hurt.


They don't call it "Water Street" for nothing...lol

Brock Lee

guess they doent teach turn around doent drownd in the south




Point 1: Sitting in the...Actually, the three didn't drive down...the driver drove; the other two went along for the ride.

Point 2: Brock Lee said, guess they doent teach turn around doent drownd in the south. Work on your spelling skills, please...


I think it was Winnie and two other mouth breathers.