Norwalk couple starts family by adopting

Boy is due Nov. 10.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 2, 2012


Oron and Lauren Wilcox are like many young couples, excited to start a family.

But these Norwalk residents are going to go about it in a slightly different manner. The Wilcoxes have decided to adopt their first baby before even having one of their own.

The baby boy is due to be born Nov. 10 in Wooster.

To find out why the couple have chosen to go that route, see the feature story published on the front page of Friday's Reflector.



Very honorable. You're a wonderful looking couple, don't know you but can tell you are compassionate and caring. Enjoy your new little bundle and hope you decide to adopt even more. What a great way to start a life together! :D

Cliff Cannon

Ditto what "Raised by NFC" said. Sorry,we were unable to make your breakfast. Thanks for warming our hearts with the over flowing love from your hearts.God Bless & keep you

Dr. Information

Agreed. Adoption is a great thing, even in the event where you can have children. There are so many babies that are not wanted after birth.