WATCH IT HERE - Video breaks down M'ville bond issue

A video explains the upcoming bond issue in the Monroeville Local Schools district.
Joe Centers
Oct 30, 2012


The video was produced by Thor Johnson in conjunction with school officials. A related story was published on the front page of Monday's Reflector.


jack langhals

Well done!

swiss family

wow... to be honest ... before watching this video,I was really hoping and counting on Monroeville actually passing the levy, because they desperately need to...BUT after watching this.. I wished that there would have been more facts and figures about where the money now goes, and how many students are in each class, and how many buildings they are talking about and more breakdowns, and maybe less comedy... I think nmow that matbe the reason that the levy never passes is because it is not presented in a serious manner.

What I learned from this video, is that there does need to be a lot of repair done to these structures, but at the same time, I can't help but notice in the one classroom, with the water damaged ceiling, and missing tile, there were cardboard boxes stacked directly under that area... so either they are not being truthful about the leaks, or whatever is in those boxes is unnecessary and needs to be de-cluttered immediately...It also got me thinking, when someone referred to the school as a campus??? So that led to how many buildings make up the campus, not counting the trailers... and isn't the entire Monroeville school "Campus" all right there in that same grouping?? of course NOT including St Joe's.. if that is the case, and all Monroeville kids , from Kindergarten to Senior year are all right together there .. is it OVER KILL to have not only a Superintendant, but a Principal and probably vice Principal for how many kids??? it looks like it might be a little top heavy , too many chiefs, and not enough Indians

So sadly, after reading the confrontation over a simple question from the school board from Mr Stubblebine, and watching this video, and seeing a top heavy system, I think they need to make some serious administration cuts before the voters will take them my opinion


swiss family: have you been to the school in the last 5 years? it desperately needs a roof, just yesterday, they ran out of buckets to catch leaky roof spots. why are you punishing the entire school system because you dislike stubblebine? don't be so simple minded, because we need to fix the buildings (campus) whether you like him or not. nothing has been done to these for decades. administration and teachers pay has nothing to do with repairs, they are separate monies. know facts before you print opinions.

swiss family

KayR....if you would read my blog, you would see that this has nothing to do with liking or not liking Mr Stubblebine. In fact, I was in support of the much needed levy BEFORE I watched this video.. I thought that I was pretty clear about why I now do not support the levy, but you obviously missed my point, which was that Maybe the Monroeville school system is top heavy, and maybe they need to re-asses their need for what seems like , one Superintendent, and at least 2 if not 3 principals and possibly even VICE Principals and Vice Supers. on their tiny "Campus"..If you remember correctly I also had the same issue with Norwalk's school system in the past.. seeing that all of Norwalk's schools fall within a 5 mile radius, I think it is also over kill to have a Principal for each building, especially in today's world with the intricate connections to each other through cell phones and computer connections

So you see KayR.. you have spoken out of turn here.. my decision to be against the levy, that at one time I was for has nothing to do with anyone "Personally" I just happen to think that such a small school system, one which is positioned right next to each other, needs so many top heavy my opinion


There were problems with the school 20 years ago when I was there. It is VERY old, it is VERY broken and it is VERY technologically behind. For those that say to close it and send everyone to other realized that you will still pay taxes and levies for a school, that is NOT in your town, and you basically have NO control over? I grew up in Monroeville, I tell my kids of things that happened in school and when we were younger. We searched for another small town to set down roots with our own children. If you send all the kids to other schools who pays for all the bussing? You close the school, you will CLOSE the town. Until you have went to school there, felt the closeness, felt the pride, or even sat with a dripping ceiling over your head you will never understand. Who cares who is super, who is principal that has NOTHING to do with a school building that is crumbling and a community that is going to lose. I am sure that no matter what happens (open and fixed, closed and demolished) there will be complaints and they will only get louder


swiss family, so you are voting no because of a video, wow! video or no video, the school still needs a roof and trailer units replaced. did you say you have been to the school in 5 years? didn't catch that response.

swiss family

Kay..... I am not making my decision because of the terrible acting from a video, if that is what you are implying.... The video, did however, make me wonder that when they call those cluster of trailers and buildings a "Campus" I have to wonder why they need not only a Superintendent , but how many different Principals, and vice Principals, and who knows how many secretaries and staff to equip each one of them ???To me, for a Campus that size , one person should be able to handle all of the responsibilities that they are now paying numerous people to preform. So, to me, the system is TOP HEAVY, and that is where the need to make some expenditure cuts....If I were living in Monroeville, I would be appalled that we are spending so much money to accommodate all of the top level people, when in my eyes, are all not needed...Then I would be furious at them for accepting their pay,and not feeling guilty about it, especially as they allow the buildings and grounds deteriorate so badly....To me, and in my opinion..The video pointed out how many top level positions are being paid for, and how many building needs are being ignored...And THAT is what makes me go against the levy... not the video itself.... I would love to know how many kids are actually in the school system, and are on "Campus" and compare that with how many staff are there as well, and what is the total Gross amount of pay and benefits are being paid out to these people.... I believe that is why a levy will never pass there.. they are Top Heavy and need to reduce that before the people will agree that throwing more money at it, will actually help the kids and their education, and not go into top administrators pockets so they can pay for their summer beach homes...on the islands