Break-in defendant accepted into Teen Challenge

Local man could avoid conviction if he completes Christian-based substance abuse treatment program
Cary Ashby
Oct 31, 2012


A former Norwalk man could avoid a conviction if he successfully completes an intensive Christian-based substance abuse treatment program.

Henry K. Stein, 27, now of 1920 Greenbush Road, Willard, has been accepted into Teen Challenge. He pleaded guilty Monday to breaking and entering, but the conviction will remain pending until he completes the program. If Stein successfully completes Teen Challenge, the conviction won't be on his record.

On June 6, Stein used a crowbar to break into a local auto dealership and steal a cash box, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

"Initially denying it, he was cooperative," Leffler told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

Nobody was there at the time of the Benedict Avenue break-in, but an employee discovered the cash box was missing. According to Norwalk Police Officer Dave Daniels' report, the employee arrived at work about 10:15 a.m. June 6 and found the rear door of the office open.

"The only items found to be missing (were) the cash box and key, which were kept in separate locations," Daniels said in his report.

Stein, who is out on bond, will be on three years of probation. He was ordered to pay $535 in restitution to the business.

Leffler told the judge the victim is a part-time police officer who isn't pleased with Stein receiving intervention instead of being convicted, but Leffler said "we're willing to take a chance."


swiss family

wake up everyone!!! read what is written here.."initially denying it, he was cooperative" does that statement even make sense??? if you deny something, are you considered being cooperative???? We need to see what is really happening here.. Like someone else pointed out awhile ago, all of our good and productive youth, are going off to college, getting their degrees and never returning here... But the criminals and drug dealers are flocking here in droves... could it be because of our Plea dealing team of Prosecutor and judge who take the worst criminals and try to rehabilitate them "christian based" placings.. where they go and make better drug contacts and brag to the other criminals how lenient it all is in Huron county and convince them all to come here where there is little to no punishment for their criminal actions....I think that when I vote, even though the prosecutor and Judge are running unopposed, I am going to write in my pets name.. because even though he is an animal.. I think he shows better judgement than the two of these guys my opinion


You forgot 1 thing. "I'm swiss family, and I approve this message." Brought to you by NR comment section. Paid for by no one because it's free. At least for now.... What's you pets name so he can rack up votes. And do you think he would let the position go to his head and change him as a family pet? And what kind of pet is he? Cat? Dog? Bird? We must know more about our last second mystery runner.

Really are you ...

It would be great if it was a parrot. "Go to jail." "Don't come back."


HELLO???? Why is a 27 year old going to a TEEN challenge? What is he going to do teach the TEENS better tactics? WHY is he not going to jail? Breaking and Entering is a CRIME. If I go out tonight and break into the local grocery store and steal food and money will I get to go to a REHAB RESORT? UH NO. I am not a druggie. I am a mother trying to feed my family and pay the bills. I am sure I would not get to plea bargain, I would not get the option of a rehab vacation or teen challenge, I would be charged with a CRIME and sent to jail. These offers only seem to go to DRUGGIES. I am sorry DRUGGIES NEED JAIL TIME. Make them pay for the crime. (and what happens if the said druggie is not a christian? does he still get to go? LOL)


I googled Teen Challenge to see what it is about. It serves youth, adults & families with Christian faith based solutions to drug & alcohol problems. I'm not saying that it's right or wrong that he's been accepted into the program, just wanted to clarify the "teen" issue.


Thanks. I still do not think this kind of "punishment" is justice. Like to poster below, why do only SOME get this special treatment and others are sent away? They are not learning anything with this punishment. Many (more than not) are repeat offenders. Maybe if they actually had to do TIME and then rehab. Most from the area know if they are caught with drugs or have a drug problem they will get to plea it down and get a nice cozy vacation


ENOUGH! We need a new prosecutor, and judge! I will not vote for either, I will leave that blank on my vote this year again! Is there no justice in Huron County? I am so tired of the rUSELESS PLEA LESSER! 27 year old is not a teen! infact he is a grown man! Maybe the 18 year old girl who was victim and then became a molester should have went to this program, instead she gets 4 years? Who went after the person who molested her? There is a 10 year statue on that, so that would go back to when she was 8 years old, maybe she could have survived that abuse, and not become another generation of abusers!

Brock Lee

slap on the rist


Please google Teen Challenge to learn for yourself exactly what this does. And for those who critize persons without knowing them at all. Do you have young teenagers, small children or even grown children, who have not fallen to the biggest problem in this county? (DRUGS) Im sure if your children go to school, they have seen it. You can raise your children to the best they can be, but it can happen to the best of us. Until you have dealt with this in your family, and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Please don't judge. This young man has volunteered himself to get help, because HE wants too, not because the justice system made him. Everyone deserves a second chance, so lets give him that.