Plea pending in meth case

Man and his then-live-in girlfriend were accused of having a meth lab in their mobile home.
Cary Ashby
Oct 31, 2012


Attorneys are attempting to hash out a plea agreement for a Plymouth man accused of making methamphetamine.

Jason E. Collier, 33, of 4265 Ohio 61, Lot 3, is scheduled to go to trial Nov. 29 in Huron County Common Pleas Court. He is charged with two counts of illegal manufacture of drugs.

The pair of felonies stem from an investigation led by Willard Police Detective Jeremy Draper, which also involved METRICH, a 10-county drug task force. The probe, which lasted a little more than two weeks, resulted in the Feb. 13 arrests of Collier and his then-live-in girlfriend and co-defendant, Andrea D. Pruitt, 33.

On Monday, Judge Jim Conway said Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler and defense attorney Daniel Wightman told him they are "hopeful" they will reach a plea deal.

The court rescheduled a final pretrial hearing for the morning of Nov. 21.

Pruitt, in early May, pleaded guilty to attempted illegal manufacture of drugs. On June 29, she was ordered to complete the Christian-based Teen Challenge substance abuse program as part of her three years of intense probation.

Collier is out of jail on a $20,000 bond. He is subject to random drug screens.

The pair purchased more than 9 grams of pseudoephedrine from about 12 pharmacies in Norwalk, Willard, Shelby and Mansfield between September and January, according to Draper's warrant. Pseudoephedrine is considered a crucial ingredient in making meth, a highly addictive illegal stimulant often cooked in homes with flammable components.



SURPRISE, SURPRISE another plea deal! Second one I have read about today. Good way to keep from doing your job Leffler!


Shouldn't Leffler at the bare minimum be required to comb his hair?

Brock Lee

slap on the rist again this doent stop them lock them up

Dr. Information

Huron County Judicial system is a JOKE. Our judges and prosecutors are all in each others pockets...its a big game.


Unfortunately it will continue. I hear that nobody is running against the people in those positions.

lets tell the truth


lets tell the truth

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lets tell the truth

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swiss family

I am getting the feeling that the more the community complains about all of the light sentencing, and all of the Plea deals being made, the more that they make just to throw it in our faces to let us know that ! of them thinks he is God the father, because he wears a robe, and the other 2 are the rest of the trinity and that they believe that they can do as they see fit, regardless of the outcry from the community...

Do we have a war on drugs??? or not??? I can understand the light sentencing for pot it isn't such a harmful substance and is basically natural.. But there sure should be a war of Heroin, and Crack, and all the other chemicals that are addictive and destructive.. Usually when they bust and arrest a low level "runner" for these drugs they say that they make deals with them to find out information to get to the big guys.. like the MANUFACTURER!!!!!!!!!!!! ISN'T THAT WHAT WE HAVE HERE??????so why are the fab 3 working on a Plea deal???? I know I for one have had enough of this.. and I will be checking with Ohio's attorney General, and see if something can be done to get rid of these 3......I hate to imply anything illegal going on... but you have to ask yourself who benefits from these plea deals.. certainly NOT the community, so it has to be 1. the criminal... but why would the lawyers and Prosecutors and Judges care about making the criminals sentence and life easier??? maybe the old adage needs to be examined here.. they always say."follow the money" to see who benefits in any situation...hmmm???? of course I am just thinking out loud... and this is just my opinion