Ex-Monroeville cop accused of kidnapping, raping girl, 17

Suspect accused of taking an Indianapolis-area teen he met online back to his Ohio apartment and raping her.
Cary Ashby
Oct 31, 2012


DELAWARE, Ohio -- A former Monroeville police officer and local paramedic is accused of taking an Indianapolis-area teenage girl he met online back to his Ohio apartment and raping her.

Scott V. Cisco, 47, of Sunbury, turned himself into the Sunbury Police Department on Thursday night. Traci Whittaker, spokeswoman for the Delaware County prosecutor's office, said the suspect had gotten word that officers were at his South Vernon Street apartment.

"I guess that he figured the best thing he could do was turn himself in," Whittaker said.

Police said officers went to Cisco's apartment after the girl, a 17-year-old from the Indianapolis area, escaped and called for help when Cisco went to work Thursday.

"He worked at a local tavern in Sunbury," Whittaker said.

Sunbury is in the southwest corner of Delaware County and is 15 to 20 miles north of Columbus.

It's unknown how long Cisco and the girl had been chatting online before the suspected kidnapping and rape.

Sunbury police said they think Cisco drove to Indiana to get the girl Wednesday and held her against her will in his apartment.

"It looked to be a garage converted into an apartment," said Whittaker, who declined to say if the victim traveled with Cisco willingly from Indiana. "Until grand jury meets, I'm limited in my details (I can provide)."

Cisco is charged with one count each of kidnapping with sexual motivation and rape. Each first-degree felony is punishable by three to 11 years in prison and a maximum fine of $20,000. If convicted of rape, Cisco would be classified as a sex offender.

The next Delaware County grand jury session is Wednesday.

"There is a potential for more charges," Whittaker said, referring to potential charges through the grand jury.

Cisco is being held in the Delaware County Jail in lieu of posting a $250,000 bond. Whittaker said the defendant isn't allowed to have any contact with the victim, who is back in Indiana, and is prohibited from using alcohol and illegal drugs.

From June 7, 1993 through his resignation effective Dec. 31, 1994, Cisco was a part-time officer in Monroeville.

"He was a part-time employee kinda working toward full-time status," Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons said.

Cisco also worked for North Central EMS, where he was a full-time paramedic from July 1989 until he resigned in September 2001.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Reporter Laura Arenschield, of The Columbus Dispatch (MCT), contributed to this story.



what kind of world is it when a man who took an oath to serve & protect is the one we need protection from?


Unfortunately, the real one. Sad isn't it!


Notice it says Ex-Cop mommytobe1. He must of done something to be an Ex-cop. Now he is just a bar tender and living in a garage converted into an apartment.


Wow dude. So you live in basically a garage with a toilet, work in a seedy bar, and pick up teenagers on the internet? Your parents must be so proud. Hopefully the library will revoke your free hour of internet per day from here on out.


if he is being held in jail i would certainly hope drinking and drugging would be prohibited..


yeah, i noticed. but i still don't see why it's any less shocking. i mean, regardless, he should still have some sense. i wonder if he has a teenage daughter & how HE would feel if this happened to her.


I wonder how old she told him she was.


Even if she told him she was 30, it's still kidnapping and rape.

Yall Make Me Sick


Yall Make Me Sick

Come on mommy 25..... It don't matter if she said 6 10 35 101 he as a cop I'm sure has dealt with many cases like this in his time. He knows right from wrong & there isn't a way getting around that! If had a feeling she was younger then he should have kept his hands to himself! She didn't just say hey buddy you like my new shoes & you wanna go out? He raped & kidnapped her!!!! Wake up!!! I don't care if he is an X cop he at once took an oath to serve & protect as his job NOT RAPE & KIDNAPPING!


LOL, he was also a paramedic locally, until I hear he was canned (forced to resign). Someone told me he has always been a sexual deviant.


public executions are needed now more than ever.


Looks like a lard azz.


Whack his wanger off. Simple...


This guy was doing my ex while both working at North Central. That’s some karma. Of course, all the EMT’s are having one big sex-fest at this place.


Wrong!!! That is ancient history. There were a few bad apples there years ago and they have since been weeded out. This stuff just doesn't go on there anymore, and if it ever does, the offenders will be dealt with swiftly. Do a ride along sometime and you will find it has changed. Keep in mind, it takes two to tango, and apparently your ex-wife was a willing dance partner. If I were you I would have refrained from posting because it really says alot about your choice in women. After all she did sleep with this perv.


Paul Harvey used to say that the only thing that separated many police officers from the criminals was the type of bars they were behind.


I absolutely agree that it doesn't truly matter how old she said she was, if he did in fact, raped and kidnap her. I'm just wondering if there is more to the story. Like, how close to 18 is she? Did she say she was older? Did she go with him willingly and then change her mind? How did he find out where to pick her up from? They were talking online, was it a meeting gone wrong? Or was she willing at first then changed her mind? Could be a lot of variables here, that's all I'm saying. I suppose time will tell. But the reactions here are kind of funny .... ONCE I have an open mind to question all the other "what if's" and no one seems to like it.


Why disgrace Monroeville, Police Officers and EMT's with this headline?
Just because he worked for them at one time, a long time ago! Why not just say BARTENDER, who once lived in Huron Co, now accused of Rape and Kidnapping! Only a few bad apples, become police officers or emt's go on to destroy their lives and lives of others.. Most become good citizen's who serve and protect,with their lives! Do not judge them because one Rotten Apple made it into that line of work!


They like to "stir the pot". It really gets people in a tizzy. They also like to point out veterans and servicemen. I have never seen a headline that said "Local factory worker" or "Janitor at the mall" or "Local golf course yard attendant". They like to get people worked up.


I would think the reason would be obvious, as a police officer, he has a position of trust beyond that of a factory worker or janitor at the mall. the paper was correct in pointing out his previous employment. It is similar to priest of boy scout leaders molesting kids. The position is pertinent

Brock Lee

i vote castrasion

grannie G

A few years ago he lived in the same apt building as I did.He is a PERV!!!He has a sexual foot fetish.

One Solid SOB

Just goes to show you what type of people can pass for law enforcement in this area. I'm sure there are still police in this area that are capable of something like this still employed in this area.