No jail time for teacher

Former Norwalk art teacher, convicted of felony following sexual relationship with 17-year-old Norwalk High School student, must register as Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of her life.
Scott Seitz
Oct 29, 2012


A former Norwalk teacher convicted of sexual battery was sentenced to three years of community control this morning in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court.

(NOTE - To see photos from today's hearing, click HERE.)

Alexa Nasonti, who was a first-year art teacher, will also have to register as a Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of her life, continue mental health counseling, perform 100 hours community service and have no contact with the juvenile boy victim. She must also reimburse the court for costs and fees, said Judge John Dewey.

If Nasonti violates the terms of the community control, she could face 12 months in prison, the judge added.

The sexual battery conviction is a third-degree felony.

"I'm extremely sorry for the hurt and pain I've caused everybody," Nasonti, a Castalia resident, said in court.

The charge stems from a sexual relationship Nasonti had with a 17-year-old Norwalk High School student this past spring. She was 25 at the time, and the criminal sex act occurred in the Sandusky County portion of Bellevue. In August, she pleaded guilty to the indictment.

After today's hearing, defense attorney K. Ron Bailey said the sentence was fair.

"I understand some people look at this and say a female should be treated just the same as a male, but really, it's different," Bailey said. "She is very remorseful and I know a lot of people say they are, but she really is."

Bailey talked about what Nasonti now faces.

"Basically, she has to start over," Bailey said. "She won't be able to continue to teach and she has to register as a sex offender so that will keep her out of a lot of employment.

"She's lost her job, lost her license, has significant school loan debt and has been humiliated in the press and public," he added.

Nasonti cared for the victim, Bailey said.

"She wanted to help him, but crossed a line she shouldn't have crossed," he said.

Sandusky County Prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt had pressed for stronger sanctions against Nasonti.

"I would've liked to see some jail time," he said. "But that's why the judge is the judge and he has the ultimate decision."

Stierwalt said he pushed for jail time at the urging of the victim's family due to alleged contact between Nasonti and victim during the court process.

Bailey said he was unaware of any contact.

Nasonti's mother said the victim had tried to contact Nasonti through Nasonti's sister.

"True or false?" the judge asked Nasonti about if she contacted the victim.

"False," she said.

Nasonti told the judge she had seasonal employment, but now is unemployed.

She faces $65,000 in student loans.

Stierwalt said he would now have to send a report about the conviction to the Ohio Department of Education regarding Nasonti's teaching license.

The judge said Nasonti has the right to appeal within 30 days. As a convicted felon, she may not own or possess a firearm and must submit a DNA sample.



CliFFord - good comment.

Cliff Cannon

@ rebel: Thank-you. May I ask a musical question of you ? Really think,Fleetwood Mac's " Straight Back" would be helpful to Ms.Nasonti currently,would you agree ?

After all if Stevie Nicks can't convince her " the dream is never over,the dream has just begun" who can ?


Interesting, I see the word mistake used over and over. It's only a mistake because she got caught!


Predators are everywhere....even when they are 25 and have a teacher's license.


Sad so very, very, sad.


If the age of consent in Ohio is 16, how are people still being convicted of sexually based crimes with 16 and 17 year-old teenagers. I personally don't condone this behavior, but age of consent is the law.

Brock Lee

this rule doent apply to teachers an school workers


Actually the age of consent in Ohio is 18 - its just that the offenses are different and the penalty is lighter for 16-18 victims.

In addition age is not a factor in this offense. Anyone in authority over others can commit it as several prison guards, stepparents, and guardians have discovered. Usually prison time is given and this young lady got off light. We had a stepmom go to prison several years ago for this offense.



the age of consent is 16!! so if the "victim" is 16 or older its LEGAL!!!

-- just for for teachers or educational staff


As a taxpayer, I have the right to know what type of quality of teachers, coaches, adminstrators, etc are out there. There are far too many of these stories being reported with these people breaking the law. There is absolutley NO reason for a teacher to have a students' phone number, cell, landline or otherwise.

No one is under the assumption this kid is an innocent little babe in the woods. He didn't rape her; but she didn't refuse it , either.

Teachers and students need to stick with their own age groups. Period.

It's a very simple rule and if a teacher crosses that line , then they deserve the repercusions.

That's just life. Simple.


If he were 18 it wouldn't have damaged the lad. I'd hit it tho even if i was 14. It takes 2 ta tango all u righteous mafacas.

swiss family

I have to keep reminding myself that the "symbol" for "justice" is a balanced scale... What this woman did was wrong... there is no denying that.. BUT she used poor judgement in her first year of teaching.. How many people have made crucial mistakes in their first year at a new job,? far too many to count I am guessing, and for this, she is banned from teaching?? and must register as a sex offender??? I think that this is over kill... I

When you state the details of the facts... Yes she was with a "minor" but the "minor" was 16 or 17.... not a middle school child, by any means... so it was still inappropriate, but the age difference was not so much as to make it an unreasonable assumption that they would be together..I know of many married couples who have a larger age difference between them, than these two.

I do think that what happened deserves some punishment, but lets be reasonable here, you have already plastered her picture on the front page of the paper over and over again, so how about a 2 year license suspension, and therapy and counseling to make sure she understands the limitations of her connections in a teacher/student relationship??I can't help but feel that this was a modern day "witch hunt" and she was punished symbolically, to punish all of the other , more inappropriate teachers out there that have not been caught...

I also can not understand the local outrage over this case, when we also have and had in our own community, many ( 4 ) pedophile priests, who are actually named by the Toledo Diocese as sexual predictors, and between the 4 of them , they sexually molested well over literally hundreds of grade school and middle school aged young boys... where is the outrage for that?? why are they not in Prison..There is still a local retired assistant coach who molested hundreds of young athletes from that school, who has escaped all punishment.. yes he is old now, but does that mean that he should not face what he has done in the past???

If you think that these are things from the past, you are mistaken> You can go to the Toledo Diocese website today, and there is a box there opening up their page on guilty priests who they admit were sexually inappropriate not so long ago, and one name on there is very familiar to most people, especially to the members of the local parish, you will see that he left as an admitted sexual offender, and yet he is very connected, and is in a paid position by our Catholic school system....check for yourself...he was with children... NOT 16 and 17 year old boys.. and yet he escaped all of the publicity and news coverage that this woman has had to face..

I am only looking at what I feel is Justice.... I agree suspend her teaching license for several years because of her inappropriate actions with a young adult... but to punish her as severely as they have , I would expect to have a lot of the local Priests , both past and present, and their staff and employees investigated and published as well.. in my opinion


Comparing adult teacher/ minor student to married ADULTS. It's no excuse.

swiss family

I did not use it as an excuse... I do think her punishment is too severe though....


there he goes with his priest rant again.

swiss family

I guess you are against speaking out on behalf of the HUNDREDS of local S P boys who were molested... and do not like facing the reality of the THOUSANDS of young Catholic boys who were molested world wide... and you do not like to acknowledge the fact that in this town, today, there is a former priest that according to the Toledo Diocese website, is identified as being asked to step down because of accusations of inappropriate sexual actions against young boys and who now is a major part of the local Catholic school system... you might be able to bury yopur head and close your eyes and "Hope" that nothing bad happens, and that "everything is as it should be" BUT me heart, and my conscience,and the responsibility that I feel, that every knowing and aware adult MUST "go off on that priest rant" as you so coldly put it.............we did NOT question things in the past that didn't seem right to us.. and that turned out terribly, with locally , hundreds of boys who were unprotected from their elders... some of those boys killed themselves, some just can not trust anyone, some can not open up themselves enough to share their life with anyone... and much worse...I apologize if facing the facts disturbs you... BUT I , for one , owe it to the youth of today to speak out when I see a potential danger in the making...and that is what I see happening right now, and I bring it up now because of the person that is actively there right now, and because the community wants this girl to burn for her deeds, yet turns a blind eye to all of the children that were molested here...CHILDREN, Mind you, NOT 16 year olds, and no one served one day of punishment for those crimes....


Swiss, I am very curious as to who this priest is that you are talking about...Yes, I did recognize a name on the website and yes, there is a person with the same name and with a paid position at the catholic school. However, that person with the same name is not a priest and has a wife and family. Are you sure you don't have your information mixed up?


Punishment is definately too harsh. Its not like she was his teacher, just a teacher. Bunch of whine a$$e$


Too harsh, huh? I can't believe you people. Imagine for a minute that the child here was YOUR daughter. Now imagine HER 25 year old MALE teacher admitted to sleeping with her. You'd be singing a different tune then.

Second Opinion

EXACTLY !!! EVERYONE would be calling for his castration and hanging from the nearest tree.

As I posted earlier, this judge is a joke, he MOCKS the very word 'justice'.
I suppose if a hit and run driver was in his court he would say 'Oh, they had enough punishment having to pay for the damages to their vehicle"

Whats scarey is the MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE VOTED THIS GUY IN! What does that tell you about the direction society is going!


Imagine the curses if it was a 25 year old MALE teacher with a male student. There would be pitchforks and torches.

It does not matter what if this was in a different school district or she wasn't his teacher. The Law is still the same when they are certified!!

Sunshine 67

If it was my child son or daughter I would be upset at the fact they had CONSENSUAL sex with the teacher. Again are we missing the fact it was CONSENSUAL??? It takes 2 people. These kids have rules that they have to follow when they are in sports right? no drinking, drugs,they can't even be at a party where there is alcohol or drugs correct? Well why don't we add engaging in inappropriate relationships with faculty to this as well. I have a 16 year old daughter, and I would be very disappointed if she were to engage is something like this, but I wouldn't be placing the entire blame on her teacher either. They want to act like adults then they should be punished like a adult.The point is yes, she made a bad call, and again she has given up her license. But to have to register as a sex offender every 90 days for the rest of her life is the problem. This kids parents look like fools sitting there acting like their son is a victim. Anyone that knows anything about this kid knows thats not the case. His mother wanted her convicted, she needs to take a long hard look at her own too! Why was he trying to contact her though Ms. Nasonti's sister then???


Well said "Sunshine 67" ...he has tapped so many girls in the high school, he had to move on to a teacher. And some of the teachers know this, they thrive off the high school drama! They will use him for his athletics and then act like they never met him though once he graduates!

Raziels Wings



Sad circumstances


@Swiss and Sunshine, and others that agree, I believe this was just a big 'witch hunt.' The family name has a lot to do with it, but they brought it onto themselves. I believe all the vitriol and stone throwing comes from the family's attitude over the years. She will now pay for her family's arrogance. Sad, but true, people remember poor treatment in their school days. I really don't think what happened between those two was a crime, as she was not HIS teacher. I DO think something else must have happened that we are not privy to, for her to get such a harsh sentence. There are REAL evil child molesters out there that don't have to register every 3 months. Something just doesn't sit right with this case.


Not only her family's attitude but traditions as well.

Some people have long memories.