No jail time for teacher

Former Norwalk art teacher, convicted of felony following sexual relationship with 17-year-old Norwalk High School student, must register as Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of her life.
Scott Seitz
Oct 29, 2012


A former Norwalk teacher convicted of sexual battery was sentenced to three years of community control this morning in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court.

(NOTE - To see photos from today's hearing, click HERE.)

Alexa Nasonti, who was a first-year art teacher, will also have to register as a Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of her life, continue mental health counseling, perform 100 hours community service and have no contact with the juvenile boy victim. She must also reimburse the court for costs and fees, said Judge John Dewey.

If Nasonti violates the terms of the community control, she could face 12 months in prison, the judge added.

The sexual battery conviction is a third-degree felony.

"I'm extremely sorry for the hurt and pain I've caused everybody," Nasonti, a Castalia resident, said in court.

The charge stems from a sexual relationship Nasonti had with a 17-year-old Norwalk High School student this past spring. She was 25 at the time, and the criminal sex act occurred in the Sandusky County portion of Bellevue. In August, she pleaded guilty to the indictment.

After today's hearing, defense attorney K. Ron Bailey said the sentence was fair.

"I understand some people look at this and say a female should be treated just the same as a male, but really, it's different," Bailey said. "She is very remorseful and I know a lot of people say they are, but she really is."

Bailey talked about what Nasonti now faces.

"Basically, she has to start over," Bailey said. "She won't be able to continue to teach and she has to register as a sex offender so that will keep her out of a lot of employment.

"She's lost her job, lost her license, has significant school loan debt and has been humiliated in the press and public," he added.

Nasonti cared for the victim, Bailey said.

"She wanted to help him, but crossed a line she shouldn't have crossed," he said.

Sandusky County Prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt had pressed for stronger sanctions against Nasonti.

"I would've liked to see some jail time," he said. "But that's why the judge is the judge and he has the ultimate decision."

Stierwalt said he pushed for jail time at the urging of the victim's family due to alleged contact between Nasonti and victim during the court process.

Bailey said he was unaware of any contact.

Nasonti's mother said the victim had tried to contact Nasonti through Nasonti's sister.

"True or false?" the judge asked Nasonti about if she contacted the victim.

"False," she said.

Nasonti told the judge she had seasonal employment, but now is unemployed.

She faces $65,000 in student loans.

Stierwalt said he would now have to send a report about the conviction to the Ohio Department of Education regarding Nasonti's teaching license.

The judge said Nasonti has the right to appeal within 30 days. As a convicted felon, she may not own or possess a firearm and must submit a DNA sample.


jack langhals

Sad ending,for a mistake that will follow her for life.And a President lied to congress and goes on to make millions.Oh,I forgot,a BJ isn't sex!

Raziels Wings

Are you kidding Mr Jack Langhals??? comparing what bill Clinton did with monica...a grown what a teacher ...25 did with a kid ..17... What cave were you raised in ? ..I had sons..and if an adult woman...25 yrs old would have done to them what she did ..ide be all over her !! Kids have a right to be protected. HE was 17. At age 25 I had children ..i was a grown is she.

jack langhals

Wow,I must have struck a nerve.You must be A Lib to excuse Clinton.If I ever had a teacher that looked like her and I was 17 I would have I chased her all over the school.All of our teacher's were dogs !I wonder how this story would have played out if it were a man teacher with girl?Yea,i was raised in a cave,we drug our women around by the hair !


Yeah, sadly that's the way society is. If the tables were turned and it were a male teacher and female student, he'd be in much worse trouble. I'm not saying any of this is right. In her position, it was VERY wrong. But take all that away, and what 17-year-old boy with RAGING hormones wouldn't go for a 'hot older chick' as they say? This kid is the Legend of the Lockerroom right now.

Raziels Wings

To compare what Bill and monica did ...2 GROWN what this woman did prooves how dumb you are ...GAWD!
Do you know the law ?? She broke it ..Boys will be boys ..but this woman took advantage of a boy ...someones son. Are you really that ignorant ?


The kid was not raped. He was well aware of what he was doing. This isn't all of her fault. Yes she should know right from wrong but come on


Actually, Clinton lost his license to practice law for commiting perjury. If I was her I would appeal the sex offender classification since technically the age of consent for sex in Ohio is 16. She may win that part on appeal.


So any licensed teacher or adult because that's what she is, who decides to engage in an act that is off limits should be able to appeal a decision that is mandated for ANY one who violates a code of ethics that prohibits sleeping with underage children? I'm just aking......

jack langhals

I think the right to appeal is afforded to all convicted criminals !Have they checked for DNA!


yes the age of consent is 16 but it's against the law to the teacher to have a sexual affair with student......... for example when drew Smith the teacher from St Marys who had an affair with the 18 year old senior he lost his Ohio teachers license.......yeah now that is against the law........ no your crap before you open your trap


It is a sad ending that will follow her for life, while Norwalk Schools glorify him like he is some angel. At 17 he knew what he was doing. He should of faced stiff discipline from the school system. Seeing his picture in the paper after all this makes me sick!


At the age of 25, SHE IS the Adult, Teacher AND Authority Figure in this case. SHE should have thought with her brain and not her vag***. NO, the student is no angel ,himself ( he was definately out for scoring and bragging rights that he got a piece ). But SHE wasn't thinking they would get caught. I'm sure she wasn't remorseful when she was on her back ( or whatever ). Stupid ,stupid woman.

I have NO sympathy for a grown man OR woman who go to college to be a teacher and then go lay with a student - under age or no.

That is NOT what WE pay their salaries for.

They deserve whatever they get; after all they made their own bed.

Cliff Cannon

Personally,having made way to many mistakes to count in my life.I feel sorry for Ms. Nasonti. Yea,she made a terrible decision and yea she will have that decision follow her across the days of her life.

Still,hasn't the women has paid one heck of a price? As Mr.Langhals point's out, because she isn't famous,wealthy or in politics she has been penalized well beyond her crime.

Here's rooting for her in her quest to put her life back together.

jack langhals

Cliff,quit calling me is Jack.You are right we were all young and stupid at one time,hopefully we got over some of it.The only reason I get on here is to screw with everyone and have fun.I don't think any one will take anyone seriously like some of these handles !

Cliff Cannon

@ " Jack" Mr.Langhals Sorry,but I come from a diFFerent time. If my math is correct you are 23 years older than me,which makes you "Mr" to me.Will work on it though Jack

P.S. Having manners is better than soap in the mouth :)

jack langhals

If u r 55,right !I bet Duane told you !

Cliff Cannon

I am right and you told me/us your age on here. If I remember correctly your B-day is March 8 and if not it, is close :)

P.S. did not know you know my Bro' that's pretty cool

Raziels Wings

You feel sorry for her ??? Wow ..our kids are not safe anymore ..not even in school.

Dr. Information

at 17 years old and almost 18, I just think this case is blown out of proportion. Did she use bad judgement as a teacher, yes. Should she lose her job, yes. Should she be registered as a sex offender the rest of her life, IMO, no.


Personally, the old tired excuse of mistakes and bad decisions doesn't wash clean with me.

These people are very well aware of the legal ramifications of having a sexual relationship with a student. After all, it's been public story after story in the media the last 10 or 15 years, since the Mary Kay Letourneau fiasco. And how many local ones? These grown adults have something wrong with them, and shouldn't be around kids.

Maybe all potential teachers should be screened to see if they have certain proclivities before they get a license


Local ones? I believe it to be at least a dozen or more and seemingly fairly common , now. At least three or four a year in a 4 to 6 county area. That's too many.

It makes me wonder if that's not the reason some people get into teaching, so they have easier access to kids.

It also makes me wonder at what age limit this Former teacher would have considered too young. Would she go after a 14 or 15 year old? 13 or younger?

The very fact the she is undergoing "mental" counseling is a red flag to me.


Does not make sense to me that this teacher, and the other get probation and community service, and give up teaching as a penalty for breaking the law.
The 18 year old girl who was a victim of a molester, gets 4 years in prison for her conduct of molesting a 12 year old. Who is going after the molester of the 18 year old girl? Yes being a victim should not make you do the same to others, in no way am I in favor of a child being molested. But what justice does it serve to let two adult teachers walk, and a teen sit in jail for 4 years? Should not she have been given some psyc help, to understand what was done to her was wrong, and to continue the cycle of abuse was WRONG also?

Dr. Information

this 17 year old boy going on 18 knew what was going on and believe me, he was pounding the rock with his friends as he bragged about "tapping dat".


I never said anything different and that's not the point, anyway.

Sunshine 67

I'm sick of hearing that the boy was a "victim" in this whole mess. A victim is someone that is forced or doesn't consent to something (i.e. molesting). She realizes what she did was wrong, but to have to register for the rest of her life?? Come on. I could see it if she had locked him up in a closet & forced him, but it was CONSENSUAL!!! There should be a stipulation for that.
Apparently starryeyes83 has lived a perfect life & has never made a ill choice. How would you feel if this was your daughter or relative?? She knows & agrees with giving up her license. But to have this "brand" for life is just stupid!!! Hope you can stay in your glass bubble starryeyes.

And LCP88, molesting is WAY different than consensual sex.


That still is not the point, These people know they are breaking the law and going against all practices from the state board, where they receive their licenses from.
I never said one time where this kid was the victim, certainly he wasn't but she was the ADULT.

This is not about my life. I'm not the one who made the headlines, and FTR: Even in my younger years I always had common sense and practiced self control. Did you?

In my twenties, I was smart enough to date in my OWN age group.

And how about the mental counseling? Obviously she has issues, YOU may condone it -- I do not.


u related to dr phil


No, never met him, don't watch his show...and your point would be what?


My only question: Is there any doubt that the sentence would have been different if this had been a male teacher and a female student?


Call me old fashion, but I see no need in having her report as a sex offender. The purpose of the reporting is to track dangerous predators. This stigmitizes, labels, and humiliates without any benficial effect. The reality is the 17 year old is high fiving with no long lasting ill effects. The girl was stupid and is not a sexual predator. Labeling her as a sex offender for life is not within the spirit of the law.