Love, religion, discipline keys to effective fostering, families say

Norwalk couple earns honorable mention for the PCSAO Family of the Year Award.
Aaron Krause
Nov 3, 2012


Of the roughly 25 children Norwalk residents Tammy and Robert Bores have fostered over the years, at least one sticks in Tammy's mind.

The girl came to the Bores home a white supremacist who was possibly affiliated with a gang. She carried a knife and often swore at the Bores. But after three years of loving care, she was "just a joy," Tammy said.

Tammy and Robert Bores, and Tammy's parents, Judy and Glenn Sparks, have been doing good for foster children for a combined 32 years. Between the two couples, they have fostered well over 100 children. The Bores have adopted three children out of the children they have fostered.

To recognize the Bores and the Sparks for their efforts, Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO) officials recently recognized them with honorable mentions for the PCSAO Family of the Year Award.

A feature story about the Bores family was published in Friday's Reflector.



I know the families and they are a blessing. How wonderful that they have been able to do this for so many years.

Cliff Cannon

What an amazingly,wonderful job you folks do. Truly,enjoyed reading of your heroic efforts on behalf of all those children. What a blessing,you are in the lives of so many. Few, will make a real difference in life,like you folks have. God Bless

Dr. Information

Amazing and a great read. Something positive for once.