Couple caught having sex in truck at local restaurant

Several witnesses reported seeing "acquaintances" having sexual intercourse in pickup truck in Norwalk's Bob Evans parking lot.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 28, 2012


Guess they couldn't wait until after they got their food.

The Norwalk Police Department received a call about a public indecency complaint at the Bob Evans parking lot about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

Several witnesses reported seeing Nicole J. Fertig, 22, and Casey Dellisanti, 37, having sex in a white GMC truck, Capt. Eric Hipp said. The witnesses estimated the couple were in the truck for 10 to 15 minutes total.

By the time officers arrived, Fertig and Dellisanti were inside the Milan Avenue restaurant. Police determined the two are acquaintances.

"It doesn't appear they were boyfriend and girlfriend," Hipp said.

"They had been in the restaurant. They had placed a food order, but hadn't received their food yet."

Fertig, of 55 N. West St., Apt. 2, and Casey Dellisanti, of 240 Ohio 61, were charged with public indecency and released. Their initial appearances in Norwalk Municipal Court are scheduled for Nov. 5.


One Solid SOB

If you would look up in my previous comments I said no not in front of kids, duh!!!! Last time I checked, there wasn't any school anywhere close to Bob Evans, so I don't know where that even came from.


it was in reference to the other comment. about the picnic table perv. don't you remember that story?


Apparently you have NO common sense , Is your real name Solid, or SOB? ...never assume AGE on here, either, SOB.

Yeah, it's funny but when ya stop to think about it. But, if this was a school instead of a restuarant, it be a whole different story. The only reason this was printed was to get the jokes and funny a$$ comments. You musta missed my joke.

I don't live in Norwalk, so whatever, the crime rates are up all over the place. Do you condone other crimes as you do this one ( minor, though it is ) ?


And really, after the comment you posted earlier this morning about that other person and the kid dying, who the hell is pointing fingers now? And what does that have to do with this story?

Enough said, done with you.