Couple caught having sex in truck at local restaurant

Several witnesses reported seeing "acquaintances" having sexual intercourse in pickup truck in Norwalk's Bob Evans parking lot.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 28, 2012


Guess they couldn't wait until after they got their food.

The Norwalk Police Department received a call about a public indecency complaint at the Bob Evans parking lot about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

Several witnesses reported seeing Nicole J. Fertig, 22, and Casey Dellisanti, 37, having sex in a white GMC truck, Capt. Eric Hipp said. The witnesses estimated the couple were in the truck for 10 to 15 minutes total.

By the time officers arrived, Fertig and Dellisanti were inside the Milan Avenue restaurant. Police determined the two are acquaintances.

"It doesn't appear they were boyfriend and girlfriend," Hipp said.

"They had been in the restaurant. They had placed a food order, but hadn't received their food yet."

Fertig, of 55 N. West St., Apt. 2, and Casey Dellisanti, of 240 Ohio 61, were charged with public indecency and released. Their initial appearances in Norwalk Municipal Court are scheduled for Nov. 5.



It was hotter in the truck than it was in the BE kitchen.

Yall Make Me Sick



They were just celebrating Halloween - she got the trick - he got the treat!?!

Yall Make Me Sick

No she's the trick he got the treat now he's gotta go get tested!


A girl's customer is called a "trick" or "john". He pays for the "treat". Getting tested is probably a good idea for both.

Swamp Fox

Is this the meaning of the 5 minute carry out spots at Bob Evans?


Ah, so it was a serve- yourself- buffet, huh?

I bet it was a heck of a spread!

BTW how ugly are these two , anyway?


Funny ,lol!

jack langhals

Whomever turned them in, should be arrested for disturbing the piece!


Good one!

Dr. Information

Nothing like getting the 3pm grand slam special with sausage links

chicken noodle

So, the service is faster outside the restaurant then it is inside. Gives new meaning to the phrase outside dining.

retired old lady

only reflector rag

Brock Lee

i want what he is haveing


Seriously laughing out loud @ brock lee


what a dummy!! Casey may be 37 but he has the mentality of a 12 year old. He is always in trouble for something stupid


I'm really surprised that this didn't involve a teacher and student and that both are over the age of consent . That's a rarity in these times.



Over the age of consent - I'd say - since Casey is 15 years older than Niki he was nearly over the age of consent when she was born.


Skip the main course, they'll go straight for the dessert....


ahhhhh.....SNAP. They gonna call their baby BOB?

Raziels Wings



I'm in my mid-fifties. Where can I find a gal 15yrs younger that will do that with me?


Well, this is sad. But at least they both will receive ObamaCare. These are the folks that ObamaCare benefits. Not you and me, who are too busy working or looking for work to have sex in a public parking lot. Obama took office with an employment rate of 7.8%. He promised us that in 4 years he'd lower it to 5.9%. Instead, today he delivered 7.9%. That means 9 million jobs are still MISSING. Obama has failed us miserably. And by giving handouts to people like Nicole and Casey, Obama has failed them, too.


Well who needs sex ed in school when kids can see it out in public? Some people just don't care. They must not think too much of themselves. Find a room and do whatever you want!

One Solid SOB

Sorry, but I just got to laugh. What's the big deal????? So they were getting busy in public, WOW!!!!! Everybody that's on here hating are just prob people that you wouldn't give the time of the day to Nikki, so keep your head up!! I could list all the public place I have done it at (some of them pretty hott too!!!).


Like the old jingle goes : bob evans .. down on the farm... LOL.

Only low lifes do it in public where little kids can see. Hey, maybe they're related to the picnic table pervert... This is NO different.

One Solid SOB

"Only low-lifes do it public", LOL!!! I'm not saying do it where kids can see, but there is a sense of excitement when you can get caught. Of course this is comiong from someone that prob can't get laid anyways, LMFAO!!!!!


Baby, my husband lays me quite often thank you....

Oh, did you think I was a guy... you one stupid SOB. LMFAO!!

Never A$$ume gender on here, moron. :)

One Solid SOB

Well with a name like "Bobaluey" you never can tell, lol. But yeah, that explains it all. Some old lady on here that is afraid to try new and exciting things, LMFAO!!!!!! Just another old lady sitting on here pointing the finger at people thinking they are better than everyone else. Sad, really sad that people have nothing better to do than complain about little things like the Bob Evans incident than worrying about the real crimes in the area.


So then, are you saying to screw in front of little kids is okay, If this was in front of a school would you, or I or anybody else be so blasé about it? You probably would.

Yeah, we all laughed and joked but really, it's sad when grown a$$ adults can't have any more self control than that.