PHOTO GALLERY - Veterans sacrifice for our freedom

Norwalk residents - young and old alike - lined Woodlawn Avenue this morning to watch a parade and honor our veterans. Huron County Commissioner Mike Adelman spoke at today's service and talked about what the day meant to him.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Norwalk residents — young and old alike — lined Woodlawn Avenue this morning to watch a parade and honor our veterans.

Huron County Commissioner Mike Adelman spoke at today’s service and talked about what the day meant to him.

“Without question, the hero that meant so much in my life was my father, Alvin Adelman. He was a World War II Army paratrooper, pathfinder, and combat soldier in the 517th Parachute Infantry,” the younger Adelman said. “He was wounded twice during action in Italy and France, awarded a bronze star, and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

“By the grace of God he survived and came home to raise a family right here in Huron County, and helped in building this great country as part of what is deservingly called the greatest generation.

“Dad passed away nearly four years ago and I miss him a lot. I have no doubt that no matter what I do, I could never work as hard or sacrifice as much as my father did. And even though through my eyes he was a hero, he would be the first to say that the real heroes were the ones that didn’t come home. The heroes that we honor today.”

The ceremony began and ended with prayers led by Deacon Eric Schild, a St. Paul graduate who will be ordained in June.

Garrett Dauch, a student at St. Paul, was the student speaker and spoke about freedom's challenge.

St. Paul senior Rob Whitehurst and Norwalk High's James Marchyshyn won citizenship awards and Whitehurst also spoke at the ceremony.

“Sometimes we take the freedoms we have for granted, but on a day such as today we can properly pay tribute to the men and women who fight to earn those freedoms.”

In addition the ceremony featured the St. Paul High School band, which performed a selection of patriotic music. The VFW ladies auxiliary awarded children's prizes, and they were joined by the American Legion auxiliary for the placing of wreaths. The VFW performed the mound ceremony.

The parade's grand marshal was Marvin Barr, Marine Corps veteran.


Proud Vet (Anon...

Is there a chance the Reflector could post Commissioner Adelman's entire speech? I was there and thought he made a number of very good points that were well said.

Marine Corp Mom...

I would like to address an issue that was in The Morning Journal on May 25th about Huron County Sheriff Dick Sutherland trying to require USMC Cpl. Todd Corbin to use his vacation time in order to attend 3 weeks of training this summer before a possible redeployment to Iraq. I hope that this is not the case. Todd is a Huron County Hero!!! Not only a Huron County Sheriff Deputy and a member of the SWAT team, but also a Decorated War Veteran with the second highest award in the nation! He was awarded the Navy Cross last July 4th at Cleveland. Yet Sheriff Sutherland deems it unnecessary for Corbin to continue to train so that he can continue to sacrifice for this great county of ours. I think this Memorial Day someone should remind our Sheriff what sacrifice really is. How Shame-full is this. I believe we should search out the truth behind this. If this is indeed the case, come election time a new Sheriff who appreciates out vets should come into office.

thankful (Anonymous)

to the vets and soldiers serving both young and old i would like to pay my gratitude to you. the things you sacrifice: time spent away from families and friends, everyday activities that you can no longer do and enjoy. what you have is the most important job and that is keeping us safe at home. thank you for your selflessness and your bravery

Parris Island A...

Mr. Sutherland; please do what is right regarding Mr Corbin. Are you going to run for office again?

Small towner (A...

I would like to give my personal THANK YOU to ALL the Veterans past, present and future. With out you we would not be.
I would also like to comment on an article I read in the Lorain Morning Journal on Sat. 5/26/2007. Maybe it is time we had a new Sheriff in Huron County, we need our elected officials to be respectful of our veterans and that does not seem to be the case if the article I read is true. I pray that it is not and that this is all a BIG mistake and will be rectified. Todd Corbin is a "HURON COUNTY HERO" even though he will deny that, he is and he should be allowed to continue his training so that he can continue to defend our country to the best of his ability. Think very carefully Mr. Sutherland, isn't there an election coming soon?

Chironomidea (A...

I just wanted to say thank you to all the vets!

GySgt R. J. Atk...

It's nice to be able to pull up your home town newspaper online. I was raised in Norwalk and graduated from St. Paul HS in 1986. I am on active duty in the Marines and have been for the past 20 yrs and I am currently serving my second tour in Iraq. This tour brings me to Fallujah with Regimental Combat Team 6 (RCT 6) for a year long deployment which is not quite halfway over. I remember marching in this parade under the direction of Mrs. Burt when I was still in school. It's good to see my home town still take time to remember those who have served, currently serve and those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy daily. Growing up in Norwalk, I know those freedoms can be very easily taken for granted and coming to a place like Iraq as well as other countries around the world, your eyes are opened very quickly to just how good we really have it in the U.S. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the city of Norwalk for continuing to appreciate the sacrifices of so many. If anyone would like to keep in touch I can be reached via email at ronald.atkinsonjr@gcemnf-wiraq.u... and a special thanks to everyone who continues to support those still in harms way. We do get a lot of support from back home and your support means the world to everyone of us. Semper Fi.