Teacher sentenced for improper relationship with girl

Former local educator forfeits teacher's license, gives up"career he went to college for."
Cary Ashby
Oct 25, 2012


A former South Central educator convicted of having an inappropriate relationship with a student is never allowed to teach again.

Bradley T. Smith, 32, of 3698 Ohio 547, Monroeville, was in Huron County Juvenile Court for his sentencing hearing Wednesday.

Judge Timothy Cardwell made it clear to Smith he isn't allowed to be employed as a teacher. Smith has been working at a golf course 40 hours a week -- a seasonal position that will end this month.

"I don't want you to be a teacher from this point forward," Cardwell told him.

Smith earlier voluntarily turned in his teacher's license.

"He has given up a career he went to college for," defense attorney Paul Dolce told the court.

On Sept. 19, Smith pleaded guilty to attempted contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a minor. The conviction was for a relationship from Nov. 1 through April 27. By the end of Smith's relationship with the girl, she had turned 16.

"You began your relationship with this victim (when she was) 15," Cardwell said. "You were the person she sought for help with a (school) project."

Smith was a substitute teacher when the relationship started. The Willard Police Department conducted the investigation.

Cardwell sternly told Smith he took advantage of his authority "when committing this crime." The judge also said he was concerned Smith said during his presentence investigation he didn't see any problem with having a relationship with the girl.

"That's what concerns me. ... Your lack of remorse concerns me," Cardwell said. "It's not just the victim (who) needs protection at this time."

As part of his two years of probation, Smith is prohibited from having any association with anyone under age 18 unless there is direct supervision by the child's parent or guardian. The defendant, who was fined $250, also isn't allowed to use any social media websites.

When police checked Smith's Facebook page, they found it "riddled" with high-school and college-age girls, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker said.

"Those were the majority of his friends on there," said Shenker, who also said Smith used his power as a teacher to "perv" on females.

Smith was hired Aug. 20, 2010 as a language arts/Title I junior high teacher. On March 14, Smith was notified he would be the subject of a reduction in force (RIF) because of the lack of federal funding for his position.

Exactly two months later, a letter to Smith indicates Huron County Children Services notified South Central Elementary Principal Dennis Blanchard about an ongoing investigation involving Smith "for inappropriate contact and/or conduct with a minor female student of another school district."

The victim and her grandmother, who is her guardian, couldn't come to court Wednesday because of a medical emergency involving another family member.

"They are pleased Mr. Smith will no longer have a teacher's license. That was their main concern," Shenker said. "What he did in their eyes was sick."

Dolce, on behalf of Smith, had objected to the prohibition of being around anyone younger than 18 and not using social media websites. Dolce requested the judge consider a minimum fine and suspended jail term.

After the hearing, Shenker was asked if Smith had a sexual relationship with the victim.

"There were no allegations of any actual physical, sexual relationship -- that's not to say he didn't try," Shenker said.

The prosecutor had no information about any additional victims.

"I'm surprised no one else came forward," Shenker said.

If Smith violates the terms of his probation, he faces 90 days in jail.



I think that if the commments were linked to an email or facebook. It would make people be more mindful of what they say. Sometimes the comments on these news stories are down right rude.


Being rude is not illegal. Why do you need to know who said it? Most people are RUDE straight out. Does not matter if online, on the phone, or in person. I have never said/posted anything that I would not own in person or say to someones face. WORDS are WORDS....ignore them.


Ok my previous post was erased, in hind sight it was all they claimed "Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights"). My point however was to say that Ashby is a pretty good reporter by area standards. I am sure he has no personal bias against anyone he writes about and nitpicking about "oh well" minimizes the credibility of your post. I am no fan of newspapers but lets be honest, compared to other local papers, I believe the reflector is less bias and spins the story less. I occasionally complain, however I respect the job most of the reporters do. I will now stop before I make myself sick.

Cary Ashby

Thanks for the support!!!


First of all (to sides to every storie) I know mr. Smith family and they are well respected people. There no winner here to this storie period. My question to the girl's family is where were you at? Ok!!! You people are soo ready to smeer this man life...what about smeering this girls family??

Yall Make Me Sick

Yea there is always two sides to ever STORY!!! His hers & the truth! For one she is a minor (15) he is the adult (32) so please tell me who to smeer? He was the teacher in the situation working in a place where parents send their children to get an education not get educated on other stuff than the teaching subject on hand! He is the responsible one in the situation (well was suppose to be) he had the degree not the child! Yes now a days children are more advanced then back then in many ways (our younger days) but the point is he should NOT be looking at a child/ student in any other manner then that child/student! He is suppose to be be able to look at students without getting all excited & worked up over some young child! As for his parents they can't help how he turned out(if they did their best) he is the ADULT! He knows right from wrong! Don't try to cover up or make an excuses for someone in his position who can't handle being around children in a fashionable manner!!!!


well said

Yall Make Me Sick

Thank you!


@ News the only reason it did not go further was because it was caught. Seriously it is clear that his intentions were not that of friends. I am sorry that his
"respected" family is is hurt but I am sure the Nasonti's were as well. They BOTH made stupid decisions I just think that a double standard of plastering her picture versus his has been made. Cary does a good job of reporting and the oops was just that as only one person is perfect and it is not any of us. BUT I still stand by that this man's face should be shown for the protection of future young ladies. He is what he is no matter how nice and respected his family is and is this why his story has been downplayed due to connections..??? hmmm just wondering.


I agree that there are two sides to EVERY story, and people should not JUDGE others, especially YOU 'go22gators.' You're being ridiculous!

Paranoid Illusion

One less predator in the classroom. A million more to go.....


90 days in jail thats all, thats whats wrong with the world, and thats only if he breaks probation.. when i went to school at south central 20 yrs ago.. it was a man teacher that messed with the boys, dont remember his name.. i know all schools have this sort of crap, but seriously..whats wrong with these adults that are attracted to children.

Yall Make Me Sick

I agree 90 days is nothing anymore just a slap on the wrist. The crazy part is kids are getting taught a whole new subject in schools anymore. Not getting caught 101. They plastered that female teachers face all over the paper why not his? He is no better than her in anyway! So he says nothing happen? I'm pretty sure something did or was in the process until the beans got spilt!


Did Mr. Smith also have a father that taught at South Central. If that's the case I think he was teaching when I attended South Central.






Ah yes, SC school district. Yet another pervert around the kids. Remember when the former female High School principal there was caught doing this sort of thing with a female student? Yet the former superintendent allowed her finish out her year, even when they knew. In my opinion these "teachers" need to stop trying to be these kid's friends or buddies and just teach them. They are not paid to be friends with their students on FB or whatever.


So then, they teach " How to nail your students - 101 " in college?

Is that a new course?