Teacher sentenced for improper relationship with girl

Former local educator forfeits teacher's license, gives up"career he went to college for."
Cary Ashby
Oct 25, 2012


A former South Central educator convicted of having an inappropriate relationship with a student is never allowed to teach again.

Bradley T. Smith, 32, of 3698 Ohio 547, Monroeville, was in Huron County Juvenile Court for his sentencing hearing Wednesday.

Judge Timothy Cardwell made it clear to Smith he isn't allowed to be employed as a teacher. Smith has been working at a golf course 40 hours a week -- a seasonal position that will end this month.

"I don't want you to be a teacher from this point forward," Cardwell told him.

Smith earlier voluntarily turned in his teacher's license.

"He has given up a career he went to college for," defense attorney Paul Dolce told the court.

On Sept. 19, Smith pleaded guilty to attempted contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a minor. The conviction was for a relationship from Nov. 1 through April 27. By the end of Smith's relationship with the girl, she had turned 16.

"You began your relationship with this victim (when she was) 15," Cardwell said. "You were the person she sought for help with a (school) project."

Smith was a substitute teacher when the relationship started. The Willard Police Department conducted the investigation.

Cardwell sternly told Smith he took advantage of his authority "when committing this crime." The judge also said he was concerned Smith said during his presentence investigation he didn't see any problem with having a relationship with the girl.

"That's what concerns me. ... Your lack of remorse concerns me," Cardwell said. "It's not just the victim (who) needs protection at this time."

As part of his two years of probation, Smith is prohibited from having any association with anyone under age 18 unless there is direct supervision by the child's parent or guardian. The defendant, who was fined $250, also isn't allowed to use any social media websites.

When police checked Smith's Facebook page, they found it "riddled" with high-school and college-age girls, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker said.

"Those were the majority of his friends on there," said Shenker, who also said Smith used his power as a teacher to "perv" on females.

Smith was hired Aug. 20, 2010 as a language arts/Title I junior high teacher. On March 14, Smith was notified he would be the subject of a reduction in force (RIF) because of the lack of federal funding for his position.

Exactly two months later, a letter to Smith indicates Huron County Children Services notified South Central Elementary Principal Dennis Blanchard about an ongoing investigation involving Smith "for inappropriate contact and/or conduct with a minor female student of another school district."

The victim and her grandmother, who is her guardian, couldn't come to court Wednesday because of a medical emergency involving another family member.

"They are pleased Mr. Smith will no longer have a teacher's license. That was their main concern," Shenker said. "What he did in their eyes was sick."

Dolce, on behalf of Smith, had objected to the prohibition of being around anyone younger than 18 and not using social media websites. Dolce requested the judge consider a minimum fine and suspended jail term.

After the hearing, Shenker was asked if Smith had a sexual relationship with the victim.

"There were no allegations of any actual physical, sexual relationship -- that's not to say he didn't try," Shenker said.

The prosecutor had no information about any additional victims.

"I'm surprised no one else came forward," Shenker said.

If Smith violates the terms of his probation, he faces 90 days in jail.



40 days a week? Wow! He probably makes more money working that much.


where does it say 40 days a week? I see 40 hours a week, you know, like a normal person.


I thought the same when I read that, Beth. Then I also thought about him smashing his alarm clock with a hammer to be woken up like that all those 40 days in one week.


Side view huh....Why not the front full face picture so we know to avoid this perv?? OH wait this is not Nasonti who's picture you plastered everywhere for months. This guy you kept hidden and now a side view. Come on NR play fair..Oh wait is he friend of a friend? relative? goes to the "right" church? Do tell. That way we understand why you did not treat him the same as her.

Cary Ashby

The side view was what was available to me when I took the photo. The shot has nothing to do with any other similar story we've covered.

Also, I corrected it to say Smith was working 40 hours a week. Wish I/we had caught that before it went to press ...! Oh well.

Sit n Spin

Oh well ? I wish I could make mistakes at my profession and say "oh well". Speaks volumes about you as a reporter and your superiors. ATTENTION TO DETAIL.


Ah, people make mistakes. I just thought it was funny. People would hate working 40 days a week.

Sit n Spin

I agree people make mistakes...We all do...It's the "oh well" part that seems to say....I really could care less that a typo was made on my behalf, this job stinks anyhow. Oh well :)

Cary Ashby

The "oh well" was not meant to be taken as apathy — but of course, I should figure the online commenters would go there even though it was not intended that way. I regret adding the comment. "Oh well" was meant to be the equivalent of a sigh and/or say "these things happen: I wish these mistakes wouldn't happen, but they do …" (I'm sure my explanation will be misintrepeted also!)

For the record, nobody at the Reflector gets more fired up, frustrated and/or irritated about mistakes than me. Also, I enjoy my job very much and take pride in the way I do it. I can't control what the public's — actually the online community's perception — is of what I do and how I do it.

BTW, what would you talk about here if it weren't about how I'm writing a story and/or covering it? Ever try reading your own material multiple times, think you've caught everything, but you don't?

thinkagain's picture

”but of course, I should figure the online commenters would go there even though it was not intended that way.”

So why were the actions of one commenter lumped into your casting of aspersions on all online commenters?

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Crickets chirping…

what the eff

Dont defend yourself to theses arm chair English and grammar teachers...Sometimes they get so caught up in typo's that they completely miss the point of the column..for the most part..NR duzzz..(lol)...a good job covering what we care about..


I'm pretty sure most of us took the "oh well" in the spirit it was meant. I just don't understand why some of the commenters even come on here since they seem to find fault in everything that's printed.

Cary Ashby

Thank you, Kelly.


I understand where you are coming from with being a journalist. I have a Journalism degree. Everyone expects perfectionism out of published writers. It doesn't always happen people make mistakes. I appreciate your honesty. It encourages me as I'm trying to find a job in the journalism field being a recent college graduate.

Brock Lee

your good nobody perfect


Its great for everyone to be able to have their say but instead of posting intelligent responses/comments to stories, most people choose to take advantage of the ability to comment and instead decide to make use of their ability to prove their ignorance. People are more interested in spreading rumors or even creating them. They tend to focus on things other than the actual subject of the story at hand--which, often times, seems to be the very things they are complaining about the Reflector doing.


So he didnt get his picture taken when he was arrested? You put Nasontis mugshot on every story of her. Let alone the 999 pictures of her in the courtroom.

Cary Ashby

There was no mug shot available because Smith was never taken into custody; he was issued a summons. Nasonti was actually arrested.


I see said the blind man.


Keep in mind, he didn't have sexual relations with that woman


Gives up "career he went to college for"...What a stupid sub-headline. Why make him sound like the victim. Oh the poor thing, he went to college for this. No, he went to college, by the looks of it, to drink cheap beer and chase co-eds, but found them to be a little too old for him. Will he be labeled as a child molester now?


It should say he wasted his parents' money they paid for him to get a good education because he likes little kids, and he's a selfish turd who only cares about his own "needs".


Thanks Reflector for just about giving away who the victim is. I'll bet she and her grandmother (guardian) are pleased with that. Anybody close to the situation now doesn't have to wonder anymore about what's been going on in her life. Why not just go interview the victim so everybody can know all the details? What a sick paper!

Yall Make Me Sick

Really? Because of her age or that Gma is her guardian? Or that another family member was sick? How is that giving it away? You act like you know them so well! Please that is crazy! Now if names was reported sure enough then a whole different story!


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Ah school days, I remember when I was at SC and my teacher was dating a student. He just moved away for a while, then moved back and started teaching again. I guess it was alright since they got married.


You guys are ridiculous always bashing the newspaper reporters. Also, Alexa Nasonti actually DID have sex with a student, remember?

PS Reflector- have you thought about changing to the form of comments that make people use their facebook account? It's just a little shocking to see what some people will say when they have no liability for what's being said.

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So you think people can’t make fake Facebook accounts? How naive…


For my reply to your comment, see the last sentence of my first post.