County recorder candidates running on experience

Winner will succeed retiring Democratic recorder Karen Fries.
Aaron Krause
Oct 24, 2012


Both candidates for Huron County recorder cite experience as the reason voters should elect them to succeed retiring Democratic recorder Karen Fries.

Democrat Christina Raftery cites her experience in the Huron County recorder's office, while Republican Jan Tkach points to her experience in local government. A story and candidate profile boxes for this race were published in Wednesday's Reflector.



Jan, does your husband work for US?


Jan is the best choice for the job. She has experience in local government and has proved her competence over many years. She should not be discounted because her brother-in-law, not her husband, is the county auditor. By the way, Jan and her brother-in-law are from different political parties so any attempt to suggest there is some unseen plan for her election is ridiculous.

Mrs. Raftery is a nice person, but she was fired from her job in the Recorder office because she wasn't doing it well. For her to suggest it was for political reasons is ridiculous because the person who fired her is from her own political party. And that person, Karen Fries, had already announced she was retiring so she wasn't trying to get rid of competition. Fries is a good Recorder and runs a good office. She didn't pander to party politics to keep on people who weren't working well in the office just because they are from the same political party. Kudos to Fries for her service.

And kudos for Jan Tkach for her years of service and her willingness to step up and take on a new role for our county. Vote for Jan Tkach.


Attempt?! All I was doing was asking a question.....geez.


How is it Chris was let go from her job, the week she announced she was running for that office. Knowing that her boss would retire. abc456 did you check her personell record to see how many times she was reprimanded? or if she ever was? Chris has a strong work history, and knows the Recorder's Office and what to do when reinstated by us voters. Chris has experience in banking, small business, and knows the office of Recorder. My vote goes to Chris Raftery, she will know what to do the day she walks trhu the door.