Monroeville administrator no longer on probation

Michael Goodwin has his probationary status removed two years after being hired.
Aaron Krause
Oct 23, 2012


Two years after council originally hired him on a probationary status, Monroeville's village council voted Monday to remove Michael Goodwin's probationary status as administrator.

Monroeville Mayor Mike Adelman said before he became mayor, council continued to extended his probationary status. The vote to hire Goodwin without the probationary status was further delayed when Adelman was on sick leave to undergo heart surgery.

The vote on Monday was not unanimous. To find out more about this issue, see the story that was published on the front page of Tuesday's Reflector.



Odd that it would take so long to do this.
Isn't it the administrator responsible for day-to-day operations of the village?
Isn't the mayor more of a figurehead?
And a council member who votes no on something like this, he or she should be prepared to publicly explain why.


I can explain, it's Monroeville. 1950's time warp.


I'm glad I read the article. Reading the just headline left me thinking he had been charged with a crime.