Accused baby beater denied new attorney

Norwalk man accused of administering three beatings within two months, causing numerous fractures to the baby of the woman with whom he was living.
Cary Ashby
Oct 22, 2012

A rural Norwalk man accused of brutally beating an infant boy had wanted a new attorney.

Christoffer M. Mills, 30, of 309 Edwards Road, was opposed to the perceived "friendly relationship" between his attorney, John Allton, and Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway told Mills it's not unusual for attorneys in such a small community to be friends outside of the courtroom, but a "friendly relationship" between Allton and Leffler wasn't the basis for getting new legal counsel.

"Mr. Allton fights vigorously for his clients," said the judge, who called Allton "one of the most respected attorneys" available to be appointed a defense attorney for criminal defendants.

Conway encouraged Mills to communicate with Allton about his case. Allton said his client's family is "resistant to a plea."

"They won't talk to me," the attorney added.

Conway then told Mills his relatives should be open to speaking to his attorney since they may have information that could be the basis for a defense. The judge also said 90 percent of the criminal cases in the county are resolved with a plea deal and told Mills if he goes to trial, he could face worse consequences.

Monday was the last day Leffler expected to have Mills enter a guilty plea. Leffler said he'd been discussing the matter with Alltop and recommended the court give Mills another two weeks to possibly agree to a plea deal.

If Mills doesn't enter a guilty plea by Nov. 5, he will go to trial Jan. 29 on two counts of felonious assault and one charge of endangering children. If convicted, Mills could face as much as 16 years in prison.

"If this goes (to trial), it could go four days," Leffler said.

Mills was living with the victim's mother when the abuse allegations came to light.

In late July, the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services (HCDJFS), through the county prosecutor's office alleged a 9-month-old boy was believed to be abused and neglected. Juvenile court records indicate the child was brought to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with broken bones July 19 and three days later, came back with "symptoms of injury."

The boy was transported to Akron Children's Hospital, where Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard interviewed Mills. Doctors determined the infant sustained various rib fractures, a tibia "with past and present fractures" and a broken wrist, according to court documents. Authorities determined there were three beating instances within two months.

The victim remains in the temporary custody of HCDJFS and is in foster care. His parents have been granted supervised but separate visitation.

Mills, who was at first "deceitful," eventually admitted to losing his temper with the infant and injured him, Howard said earlier. The sheriff also has said the suspect told him "the child paid the price" for his temper.

A further disposition hearing in Huron County Juvenile Court will be held in February.

Mills must post a $100,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail. If he posts bail, he is prohibited from having any association with any child under the age of 18.


swiss family

thank you Judge Conway... maybe we should have a large banner made and posted across the courthouse with your quote that "90% of all criminal cases are resolved with a PLEA DEAL.." that is outrageous... who actually benefits from these plea deals... I can see how the Prosecutor benefits because he does NOT have to work as hard to get a conviction.... I can see how the criminal benefits from a reduced charge and punishment from a Plea deal... but please explain how the victims of the crime, or the community at hand benefits in any way I think it is a waste of an opportunity to get these criminals off ouur streets , and put behind bars where they belong for the longest time possible...DO YOUR JOBS !!!!! or would it be fair for the county to reduce your pay in a Plea agreement, because that is the results of the plea deals that you are allowing our criminals to make

I am sorry that this "Man" is uncomfortable with the relationship between his attorney and the Prosecutor.. I wonder if you put that level of discomfort, on a scale compared to the level of being uncomfortable this poor baby felt every time you beat him, and tortured him... which would feel worse.. I am sure I know the answer to that.. and so do I would suggest that you go ahead and scream and cry.... I doubt it will do you any good, just like doing so by the child did any good are an animal, a sick animal and deserve to be caged, and as with sick animals...."Put down" In my opinion!!!!


Thank you. My thoughts exactly!


You get what you pay for.


I will never understand people who hurt or who let someone hurt a baby. They are gods gift to us. Babies are suppose be cherished and loved NEVER beaten or abused.


If he wants a NEW attorney HE can pay for it. Heck he could fire Mr. Allton and represent himself! (that always works out well....hehehe)

Brock Lee

plea plea plea who needs a judge


Cry me a river,Chris. Admit it again,get this over with. The big boys want to play.


I'm wondering, if the mother was aware of this, why she isn't being charged for allowing it to happen. It is at least partially her fault. How could she sit by while her son is abused and beaten?

Lizzie perry

^^ I have a feeling the mother dident know what was going on,because I'm sure if she knew she would have done something I find it hard to believe that the mother would let him beat and abuse the child no mother in there right mind would let that happen!!!

Lizzie perry

Since when do they give criminals time to think about goin to trial or get a plea deal? That's absolutely redicoluse,seems to me that there just wasting time!!!


Your schooling was obviously a waste of time too, Lizzie. At least in English class. Do yourself a favor and go get yourself a "spell checker".

Lizzie perry

Omg who gives a crap if everything on here is spelled right or not,this isent a spelling test this is a news paper so shut up!!!

Lizzie perry

And I guess since your sitting there making fun of people's misspelled errors you must think your all that right? Just shut up cause I don't find you funny I actually find you ignorant,instead of trying to pick fights with people on here why don't you turn your attention to what everyone else is on here for!!!