Accused heroin dealer charged with threatening witness

The suspect, who recently got a job at a diner and was out on bond, is accused of threatening to cause physical harm to a female witness.
Cary Ashby
Oct 23, 2012


Moments after her arraignment, the accused heroin dealer was arrested on a separate warrant.

Kristy L. Dunn shook her head and wiped her face as she spoke with Norwalk Police Officer Paul Gardner in the hallway of Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Before the officer placed her in handcuffs, Dunn, 30, of 27 Grand Ave., hugged a woman who was in the courtroom with her. Dunn then was arrested on a Norwalk Municipal Court warrant without incident and charged with intimidation of a crime witness.

A few minutes before that, she pleaded innocent to one count of trafficking in heroin in connection with a March 14 incident. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway scheduled Dunn's trial for Jan. 17 and at the request of Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler, ordered her to have no association or communication with Kurt Miller.

After Monday's hearing, Leffler said the no-association order was a pro-active move to protect Miller, who isn't being charged.

"There's an allegation she got the drugs from him," Leffler said.

Dunn, who recently started working at a diner, had been out on a $5,000 bond.

Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge issued a warrant for Dunn's arrest Oct. 12. The intimidation charge is in connection with a Sept. 12 incident.

"She threatened to cause physical harm (to the witness). ... The witness is a female," said Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel, who declined to elaborate.

If convicted of intimidation, a third-degree felony, Dunn faces nine months to three years in prison. The trafficking charge is punishable by six to 12 months behind bars. Norwalk police investigated both cases.



With the proven track record of our local judges, I doubt she'll spend three minutes in prison!


Norwalk needs to get a bad batch of heroin n give it to all the junkies! Problem sloved


How ignorant of you to say that


sorry but I agree. and its not just norwalk...send it to the surrounding towns also


She is a sweet heart.....she had a drug problem in past but she was doing good...she made a mistake like everyone of us to we make mistakes at some point in our lives....she knows she's done wrong. She went out and got a please be kind on your words....she serves her time everyday in her mind ....please people you don't know her you know her story for the paper.......


Making a mistake is getting off at the wrong exit on the freeway. One does not "mistakenly" buy and sell heroin. This woman does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Heroin dealers are the scum of the Earth.

With a mindset like that, you should campaign to be judge!


If they suspect that Kurt Miller sold her the drugs why dont they go get him instead of putting a no conatct order against them. WOW dont make sense. And Ive heard Kurt Miller has been selling drugs for a long time why hasnt he been caught yet? Him and his girlfriend go around high always looking for the next one to rip off to get there fix. They need some help and Norwalks just letting them get away scott free? Why is that id assume because they just continue to tell on the next person to stay out and get there high.