Man imprisoned for beverage center break-in, vehicle theft

Norwalk resident blames crimes on drug relapse.
Cary Ashby
Oct 24, 2012


A Norwalk man who pleaded guilty Monday to stealing a vehicle and breaking into a beverage center blamed the crimes on a drug relapse.

"I relapsed. I was nine months sober," defendant Corey T. Foster said at Monday's hearing.

Foster, 27, of 994 E. Ohio 61, pleaded guilty to stealing a vehicle July 16 and a break-in at the Norwalk Beverage Center on St. Mary's Street that same night. He was convicted of one count each of breaking and entering and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

As part of a plea deal, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff agreed to dismiss another break-in felony and a misdemeanor count of failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer. Woodruff also said the state wouldn't be prosecuting Foster in connection with two business break-ins that happened about the same time.

"This will take care of multiple charges," defense attorney T. Douglas Clifford said about the plea deal.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway imposed an 11-month sentence on each felony, ordered them to be run consecutively and ordered Foster to pay up to $2,500 in restitution. At the same hearing, Foster was sentenced to 22 months in prison -- part of a joint recommendation.

Woodruff said the beverage center break-in was the strongest case of the three break-ins.

The other incidents, which also happened July 16, took place at a Norwalk convenience store/gas station and a restaurant.

There was a broken door and window at the beverage center. Also, $2,500 worth of cash and unactivated lottery tickets were missing.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) analyzed the defendant's shoes and compared them to footprint impressions found at the scene. Woodruff said Foster entered the business by breaking a walk-in glass door and BCI agents determined the glass from the door matched the glass found embedded in Foster's shoes.

Prosecutors are confident there was a co-defendant involved in the break-ins, but nobody else has been charged. Woodruff said surveillance footage clearly shows two people were at the scene of the break-ins.

"We know there is one more person. ... If Mr. Foster is willing to talk to us, we're willing to listen to him," Woodruff said.

The vehicle was stolen from Ripley Township residents July 16.

"It was called in right away. The homeowners happened to hear them," said Woodruff, who complimented the Huron County Sheriff's Office on apprehending Foster and his co-defendant quickly afterward.

"They were on their way to Willard to buy heroin and got tired of walking," he said.


swiss family

ANOTHER PLEA DEAL!!!!!!!!why???? why reduce his charges?????? Please... I am begging any lawyer to even consider running against Conway.. you would win just by a write in vote against him.. he is killing our safe little town and turning criminals and felons loose on our streets!!!!!

Brock Lee



wow how low can you get stealing lottery tickets tht arent even activated! wht a dummy! court need to stop plea bargains if your guilty your guilty!


Plea deals occur before a trial and therefore their guilt hasn't been determined. Plea deals expedite incarceration. With no plea deals, courts would be log jammed or very costly and considering our constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial, the perps would either walk or be out on bail. By making deals and being sure some time is served, the courts are keeping unpunished perps off the street. Studies clearly show that the length of incarceration does not reduce the number of crimes committed. By eliminating plea deals we would increase court costs, not to mention the very expensive cost of incarceration and not reduce the crime rate. Hard ass, let's lock 'em up talk may make us feel good, but in reality today's social ills would not be solved by putting people in jail longer. We already lock up a greater % of our population than any other country on earth and the drug driven crime rate continues to grow. Chickens coming home to roost. What we teach our children by example matters. The values our actions represent are the values our children adopt. Politicians lie, banks steal, athletes cheat.

swiss family

sorry "whoopball" I am just not buying make it sound like we are just lucky that they serve any time at all, because our judicial system is so bogged down, I happen to think you are looking at it from the wrong direction.

If the criminals were NOT allowed to be pled down and they actually had to serve all of the time for all of the crimes that they actually commit, I think it would speak volumes to criminals in waiting, the ones who , so far, have NOT turned to a complete life of crime.. Look at this particular case, he stole a car, broke into a store, committed probably 3 berak-ins, etc, but we will make the other store robberies go away, and he will serve his time at the same time he is serving for the other crimes that we choose NOT to have disappear... so for a laundry list of the crimes this punk has done, he should be in Prison and never see the light of day... but after the Plea deals... we will be lucky if he serves a year..... what message do you think this light punishment is telling the potential criminals out there???? do you think that this method makes the crime rate increase or decrease???do you think that the criminals are laughing at us for allowing this leniency to take place??? if the prisons are too crowded, then lets legalize Pot, and use the money and the tax from selling it to build more and more super structure prisons.. lets actually Keep criminals, who have proven that they will never co-operate and abide by our laws, behind bars..

I don't know if you are a history buff, but on the chance that you are .. look up what justice meant in the 1800' robbed someone , you were hanged, you shot someone , you were hanged, usually within a month or two.... NOT 25 years later.... that is the reason we have over crowded prisons now... everyone has anb excuse. and we, as a society are stupid enough toi listen to it.... do we really care that the guy who just killed his wife and kids had a tough childhood???? I don't.. Do we really care that the guy that sliced his wife's head almos6t clear off, and her boyfriend was so brutally stabbed that he had to bleed out instantly.. do we care that he was a football player, or an actor... I don't kill them too...You must be a lawyer, by your logic... I would love to go back to the real justice that we had.. if you were found guilty, you were guilty of EVERYTHING you actually did, and were punished accordingly within a reasonably short time..... It is the B S that people like you, and the local judge and the other lawyers, who make this more complicated than it has to be....charge them with everything... and if they are guilty and need to be executed.... do it!!!! stop with the bleeding hearts.. it is actually bleeding our resources and money and patients dry....


Your honor it is the neck tat! I'm so hard!


I HATE when they paint these people as victims! He stole a car and attempted a robbery. Throw the loser in the can already. Several months in prison should help him to break his addiction.