Norwalk resident accused of stealing debit card from woman's purse

Quail Hollow Drive teen allegedly victimized an acquaintance.
Cary Ashby
Oct 23, 2012


A local man is accused of stealing a debit card from a woman's purse.

Kenneth L. Ansel II, 18, of 16 E. Quail Hollow Drive, is charged with receiving stolen property, which is punishable by six to 12 months behind bars.

The victim reported Saturday someone took her wallet from her purse. The Norwalk Police Department investigated the complaint.

"She obtained information that led to Kenneth Ansel (being arrested)," Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said.

"He came to her residence (Sunday). ... They are acquaintances," Christophel said.

Police haven't been able to recover the victim's Social Security and bank debit cards.

"Both of them are still missing," Christophel said. "He (Ansel) made admissions to using the card at several merchants in Norwalk."

Ansel was arrested and transported to the Huron County Jail.



hahaha you aint gonna get outta this one codeman aka cody your guilty one way or anthor and you will go down!! you could of borrowed someones ccar smarty!


Can we please stop with all the negativity, and let the courts decide how he should be punished!?? Let the legal system do there job! It's being bound over to Common Pleas Court, they will decide if he should be indicted or if Conway will bound it back over to Judge Ridge. Either way, he will be punished. So lets drop this please!

Norwalkian Damsel

Shove it, GEL. Cody and Ken deserve to have all the crap talked on them possible, because it's all true!!! They are BOTH going to have felonies and THEN the punishment will be complete.


Alright Ken may have done bad things and all, but he can be a good kid. I know him pretty well. He can be a good kid he really can, he just need guidence to get him to the right path and he was doing good there for awhile and people insulting him on here is only going to make things worse. I mean come on he don't deserve all this. How would you guys like it if people were to do this to you? So right now he needs to know people are here not sit there and talk bad about him...