Dunlap, Silcox vying for commissioner seat

Candidates seeking election Nov. 6.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 23, 2012


Current Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox is facing challenger Tom Dunlap in one of two races for commissioner seats in the Nov. 6 general election.

Silcox is a Republican, while Dunlap is a Democrat. A story about this race, including candidate profile boxes, was published in Tuesday's Reflector.


Brock Lee

why dose silcox waste are money on picnick tables when the general fund is about broke

hit the road jack

obviously you have done the democratic research on the people you vote for so go ahead and vote for a known loser.


Why would anyone vote for Silcox?



hit the road jack

Obviously you don't know much about the people you so called "endorse" if you do your homework you would know who will bankrupt the county!

hit the road jack

propman:You only have one agenda,the county airport and if someone p!sses you off all you can do is go on a witch hunt.


Howard + Dunlap = Horrendous Diaster


Silcox + Bauer = Bankrupt General Fund & High Unemployment


Larry Silcox is the best choice here. He is experienced, dedicated, and has proven himself in the job. Just look at Dunlap's performance as sheriff to see what kind of administrator he has been in the past.

Brock Lee

silcox had 8 year to prove his self and didnt do anything but send jobs out of county an bankrup the general fund dunlap has to be better then that