Eldred, Ward challenging incumbent Bauer

Commissioner candidates vying for election.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 23, 2012


Three candidates are squaring off in the race for one of the Huron County commissioner seats in the Nov. 6 general election.

Republican incumbent Gary Bauer is battling challengers Fred Eldred, an Independent, and Sharon Ward, a Democrat.

A story plus profile boxes about the candidates was published in Tuesday's Reflector.



Ward- you might want to check the huge fail on your giant signs. The one that has something about prosperty on it. I'm not really sure what prosperty is. Prosperity is spelled with an I. Laugh my butt off every time I saw you in a parade and now that its on display on the side of the road by CVS or whatever drug store that is I get another laugh. Way to run your election on prosperity and you can't even spell it! Lol!


Bauer is known. Fred Eldred is retired from the Railroad & farms & has rental(s). What about Ward? Thanks.


Yup, Bauer is known for using our tax dollars to purchase $500 picnic tables, to hire lobbyists and fund the $7500 Clark & Winestock Report, to sign for a $520,000 LOAN (which hasn't been repaid even though they have dropped the vestibule plan), to sign a land grant which puts Huron County in the position to having to keep the airport open FOREVER, to almost BANKRUPT the county's general fund, falling asleep during meetings, etc . . . . Oh yea, Bauer is VERY well known. I'M VOTING FOR DUNLAP AND WARD!!


Windy, you are that. Someone has been feeding you plenty of mis-information. Job and Family services got the picnic table and used it and then presented the bill to the commissioners. What were they suposed to do? They couldn't return it and had a talk with the director of Jobs & family S.to make sure things like that were never going to happen again. FYI they are using the other monies for projects other than the vestibule. Did you know the intercom system in the jail quit working and can't be fixed? $27,000 for a new system that is a necessity. Things like this happen that doesn't make the paper but our present commissioners get the job done. Silcox and Bauer have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Ward can't spell and can't figure out how to read a budget. Just look at the debate. Even after she was told that 4h, soil and water, and extension where grouped together in the budget prior to this year and then seperated out this year she still argues with Bauer. If she can't figure that out we are in real trouble if she gets elected


SoT - Yes, take the picnic tables back. Authorizing the expenditure of 1000 for 2 picnic tables is no more responsible than the agency head who bought them. Let the employees take up a collection and pay for their own tables to eat lunch on. That $520,000 you discuss is going to end up costing the taxpayers over $750,000 over the 20 yeaqr period. Why did these experienced politicians have to have another $25,000 feasibility study done on the old jail when they already had 2 other studies done previously - another waste of funds. Ward did spell it out. Silcox and Bauer are deceitful, truth manipulators, and spin doctors. She was right to question their antics, and there is NO money going to 4-H from all the the funds given to Ag Extension, etc. She was also right that funding was decreased a little this year for Bauers pet projects due the exposure, while some mandated depat were cut 30-40%. I'm in favor of the raceway, but I am also smart emough to know that the airport is an important piece of infrastructure - we need both. I'm tired of the croniyism so I'm voting for Dunlap and Ward. Time for a change!!

Dr. Information

Trust me. Ward is not a leader. She has wild ideas that make absolutely no sense. Factor in that she can't spell on her election signs and that she is not a business woman of any sort.....well it doesn't add up for a vote in my book.