Edison seeking 3.50-mill emergency property levy

School officials anticipate collecting additional $816,746 if tax is approved.
Aaron Krause
Oct 29, 2012


Edison Local School District officials will ask voters on Nov. 6 to approve a 3.50-mill emergency property tax levy.

An emergency operating levy generates a specific dollar amount for a limited amount of time.

If approved, school officials anticipate collecting an additional $816,746 in property tax revenue in calendar year 2013. The owner of $100,000 home would pay an additional $107.19 per year, or $8.93 per month property taxes beginning in calendar year 2013.

According to a fact sheet about the levy, the district "is experiencing reductions in state and federal funding and limited local property tax revenue, which have contributed to a declining cash balance.

"The current five-year forecast indicates that the district will deplete its cash balance by June 30, 2014 without any additional revenue or reductions in educational services and programs. As the Edison Local School District continues to commit to being transparent, accountable and collaborative, they have made this decision in order to maintain fiscal responsibility."

During a recent board meeting, board member Mark Miller said district officials have gotten the message that voters do not want big millage levies.

"The public has spoken," he said, adding they have voted down numerous levy requests during the past years.

Miller said November's levy request is designed to get the district from "point A to point B" until the district can figure out how much money will come from the state in the future.

"We're just putting out enough to get us through one year and let (the public) judge whether we're using (the money) right," superintendent Tom Roth said. He said if voters do not pass the levy, the district will face deficit spending in fiscal year 2014 to the tune of $891,000. That number is based on interim treasurer Jude Hammond's five-year forecast.

"For the most part, the people that I'm talking to are supporting the levy," Roth said.



I am voting NO!!!!


I am voting Hell NO!


Voting YES like many parents I know!

Swamp Fox

When the teachers pay THEIR state mandated share of THEIR pension then ask.

Mr Bean

Again, No-- until the teachers and administrators help pay their healthcare and retirement---I will oppose---

Sitting In The ...

What is going on out there? my goodness every year they want to tax the citizens of Milan more and more. I hope they vote it down and they really need to get rid of this moron.

Brock Lee

good hurt kids cuz of this guy an the teachers


you dont get it...it has nothing to do with the kids! It is all about them paying for their perks and getting it off the taxpayers back. Again...NO!!

Mr Bean

Everyone is getting by on less----everyone but the teachers + administrators that is. way past time for them to contribute to their retirement and health care---they do neither---we can no longer afford the "cadillac" plans or the "cadillac" salaries--- I vote NO!

P. S. If they each gave back about $9075.00 yearly--[included is "their" health care + retirement contributions]---the budget would be balanced---!!!