Commissioners deal with healthcare, transit

Huron County budget constraints a concern for commissioners
Scott Seitz2
Oct 22, 2012


The Huron County commissioners continue to deal with budget constraints.

During last week's meeting, the board dealt with money issues involving the county transit and also looked at ways to trim healthcare costs. A story about the meeting was published in the Reflector.




Regarding senior transit for this county is there a reason why those gas slurpers seem to have 1 or 2 people in them? Or am I wrong and never see them full. Any Facts?

hit the road jack

No, I see them on 250 coming from sandusky with 1 maybe 2 people on them.


Why is only Larry shown in the photo? Isn't Bauer the president of the Board of Commissioners? Why does Sillycox always get all the PR attention?


You are not wrong. Try dealing with the woman in charge and see how much fun that is!

Brock Lee

silcox has impotent friends


I know people who have no other alternative than to call the transit, it's not just seniors who use them. It's not always people who can't afford a car. Some times people just don't have any family /friend available to take them.


Some people are using the transit to get to low paying jobs, they do work, but need the ride, as at $7.00 a hour how can you afford a car and insurance?

Now healthcare, why not require a minimum physical requirement. Those who are not physically fit, make them take a work study, to see if they can do the job they are paid for. So many need to retire some under a medical disability, and that would cut health care cost! Why are taxpayers paying so much for those who repeatedly are hospitalized? It is time for these employees to step up and say I can no longer do the job, and meet the requirements to do so. All deputies should be able to run 1/4 mile in any emergency, if you can not you are risking your health and the safety of those you are trying to protect and serve.


SO should all NPD patrolmen. As a matter of fact, ALL LEO should have mandatory PT just like the MP as a job requirement.


Thanks for the info.

jack langhals

I used to drive for the transit for about 6 years.I would take one person to the Cleveland Clinic and spend the whole day with them.Now that sounds like a waste of time and money but they were the only one scheduled at that time or the Clinic scheduling.I would also take Job Store persons to fill out job apps. and they would come out of the potential job employer and say "I made sure they would never hire me,I am not working any one for minimum wage."I reported this back to The Job Store and they would say,"You can't tell us that,that is privileged info, and if you mention it again you will be fired."The person that said have you ever tried dealing with them people,if you are talking about Mary Ellen you couldn't be more wrong.She is the most pleasant and accommodating person I ever worked with.Now the person running Senior Center, that is a different story !I would even pick up med's with riders from medicaid and they would tell me someone was coming over to buy the med's thurs nite.i was told the same thing,you can't tell us that !Now if you think this country isn't screwed up,you need help !