New mom gets probation for food benefits violation

Single mom accused of abusing WIC program
Cary Ashby
Oct 18, 2012


A single mom convicted of attempting to misuse food benefits who had been arrested at two drug dealers' home was placed on non-reporting probation Tuesday.

Jessica L. Dyer, 27, of Fostoria, was arrested during the March 2 raid on Rae Court, Willard, which involved members of the Willard Police Department, Huron County Sheriff's Office and METRICH Drug Task Force.

Dyer was found in possession of two inactive electronic benefit cards, which she didn't use, but had been left in the residence, Huron County Public Defender David Longo said. One card belonged to a person who was in prison and the other owner is a fugitive of justice.

"I don't think anyone was harmed in the case," Longo said.

In April, Dyer was indicted on illegal use of supplemental nutrition benefits or the WIC program, a fifth-degree felony. She later pleaded guilty to attempted illegal use, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The mother of a 10-month-old boy, Dyer voluntarily entered a drug treatment center. She has been baby-sitting and cleaning houses on as-needed basis.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler had requested Dyer be given a 90-day jail sentence, citing her "significant drug problem." She also is on probation for a 2009 heroin case through Seneca County.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said a jail term wouldn't be productive, noting Dyer "has bigger fish to fry in Seneca County," which could result in tougher consequences.

Dyer was placed on two years of non-reporting probation and fined $250. The court suspended 176 days in jail.


Brock Lee

a slap on the rist an back on the street

Norwalkian Damsel

Why is it that no one can spell wrist on this website?! Freakin' Norwalkians.


The same reason they can't spell ridiculous or any "ing" word which they don't drop the e before it. ( ie: dieing should be dying ) Or "noone" without making it a single word . And I don't mean an occasional typo. Ain't just in Norwalk it's all over.


What does her marital status have to do with this?


I fail to see how she could or attempt to commit fraud when the cards were inactive, where is the intent?

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swiss cheese kat

She was found in possession of two inactive electronic benefit cards. Most likely tried to use them. That is why she later plead guilty to attempted illegal use.

Hope thousands of dollars weren't wasted on your education.

Yall Make Me Sick

What does it matter who can spell what right? STICK TO THE STORY LINES & not picking on someone for spelling WATCH OUT NR SPELLING POLICE ON PATROL!!!!!


She's really 27?

Yall Make Me Sick

That's what drugs do to you! Sad situation


take this example (x) millions......thats America's welfare system for you.

Sit n Spin

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swiss family

This one confuses me....I have watched the Prosecutors and Judge get together and Plea down charges for criminal who rob, rape and steal from other people in our community before , and have been appalled and outraged over the slight sentences that they get.. I have always wondered what the Judge would do if the criminal had actually stole from him, or his family, and I wondered what the punishment would be then, and how harsh it would be because it was coming out of his own pocket. I had a feeling that the punishment would be more severe then, but I was wrong

With this type of crime and with this particular criminals, she is guilty of trying to cheat the system, (which is US , including the Judge)and still she gets a light sentence. The benefits and money she was trying to run a scam on is your money and mine.. so in essence she stole from every taxpayer in the county.. how does that feel , to have someone steal from your family, and she get such a light sentence??? I know for me, it is insulting..

I can only speak for myself, but if a criminal stole from John and Jane doe, I would hope that they get what they deserve, BUT when John Doe is stealing from ME, or YOU or My family.. I want them punished to the point where they learn their lesson.. I guess the Judge doesn't see it that way... So I guess the message is, ... criminals, don't take from us, your neighbors and friends.. it appears as though the Prosecutor and Judge do not think it is such a bad thing to steal from them, and actually they have more money that I come after my pennies, when it appears that the ones with more money do not care that you are taking from them...????