Troopers seize $17,000 worth of Ecstasy during traffic stop

Suspect also wanted for trafficking in marijuana and money laundering
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 16, 2012


A Cincinnati man is facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized nearly 1,000 Ecstasy tablets, worth about $17,000, following a traffic stop in Hancock County.

Troopers stopped a 2012 Dodge Caliber for a traffic violation on Interstate 75 near milepost 160, at 12:28 a.m. Saturday. Troopers observed criminal indicators and were provided fraudulent identification from the driver.

The driver was also found to have outstanding felony warrants for trafficking in marijuana and money laundering.

An administrative inventory of the vehicle revealed 10 bags, containing 998 Ecstasy tablets, located in the center console.

The driver, Marcus Coleman, 39, of Cincinnati, was incarcerated in the Hancock County Justice Center and charged with possession of Ecstasy, a first-degree felony. If convicted, he could face up to ten years in prison and up to a $20,000 fine.



And all this was done without a dog? Good Police work!


Great police work, and Erie county just took $87,000 from a Willard man in a traffic stop! And they called in Perkins Dog after the stop! And who believes for a moment a meeting could be arranged with the Great Dane Howard! LOL!!!!
AR must be very tight with the Sheriff, to believe that, just wait you will lose faith in the Great Dane Howard, just like the rest of us who supported him the first time around, and the ones who will leave that line of the ballot empty this year!


They have to find someone to run first! Dunlap may have had a better chance at that.


@Dusty. When they run a license and they get outstanding felony warrants for drug trafficking, you bet your sweet butt they are going to search the car. Has nothing to do with a dog at all. There are many traffic stops that the Sheriff does where they find drugs without a dog. Enough already. If you are that concerned, call and set up a meeting with him.


If he wont take the advise of the Huron County Commissioner's what makes you think he'll take it from anyone?


I heard he takes it alot.


998 pills???? Sounds like someone may have ate 2 :-)