Trooper finds marijuana during Norwalk traffic stop

Drugs found between driver's shorts and underwear during mandated pat-down.
Cary Ashby
Oct 17, 2012


A state trooper found suspected marijuana between the shorts and underwear worn by a Norwalk driver during a recent traffic stop.

Darrel D. Keegan, 21, of 142 Benedict Ave., was stopped about 3:40 p.m. Oct. 6 on West Street in Norwalk. Sgt. Tony Myers, of the state Highway Patrol, made the traffic stop because Keegan was driving a vehicle with a loud exhaust.

Myers reported finding the drugs between the suspect's shorts and underwear during a mandated pat-down while Keegan was being arrested on an unrelated warrant.

Keegan was charged with possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license. He also was arrested on a failure to pay fines and costs warrant through Sandusky Municipal Court and released to the Sandusky Police Department.


Yall Make Me Sick

Slap his wrists & let him out tomorrow! That will be the headlines in tomorrow's paper!


Thats a ridiculous comment. I hope he gets a slap on the wrist for some weed! Good grief, if all these heroin addicts and pill heads would all switch to weed, this area would be in much better shape. Shame on you for being so closeminded.


ridiculous comment yes, but only because that is what will happen. slap his wrist, and then let him go. Ridiculous, same thing that they do with the heroin addicts and pillheads. Thats why this area is in this shape, they all know that nothing will be done, and promise I wont do it again.


Nobody is breaking into houses, cars, businesses, etc. to buy weed. I think the penalties should be tripled for pill/heroin/cocaine/crack/etc. Marijuana never hurt anyone. Alcohol/cigarettes should be illegal before weed. They both kill people daily, nobody overdoses on weed!!!! Get a grip on reality please


rickross2.......I guess you're saying 3 slaps on the wrist is appropriate punishment? Breaking the law on drugs is still breaking the law on drugs, regardless if it is weed or heroin. Weed is a gateway for heroin, check the statistics.


I think that if you believe that, you should check your pulse. What am I supposed to believe our Governments statistics? Ha!!!! From the same people that brought us reefer madness??? lmfao. This is the most assanine conversation I've ever had on this site, which says alot because most of the mouth breathers commenting on here have the intelligence of a flea.I'll keep living in the real world, you keep sipping the kool-aid.

chicken noodle

So, are you saying rickross2 that heroin users never smoked pot that they just went straight to the needle.


Drug addiction is an illness not a morel failing.


Spoken like a addict or a enabler


If you people would check the laws, you can have 20 grams or less and its not even a criminal offense. $100 fine, no jail time, no record. Even the lawmakers see that its harmless. They want to get to the dealers so they can take their money, not because its harmful.


You can't have a debate about drugs with a pot head, so don't argue with this rickross character.

OhioFreebyrd's picture

I'd much rather associate with potheads than a POS drunk. I've never heard of anyone smkoing pot and going home and beating their wife. Laws are so corrupt, marijuana is nowhere as harmful, or cause even a fraction of the problems that alcohol does. All about greed and money.