Treatment changes in Norwalk could result in cloudy or discolored water

Norwalk water treatment plant to begin using polyphosphates as additional treatment method.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 14, 2012


Beginning Wednesday, the city of Norwalk water treatment plant will begin using polyphosphates as an additional treatment method.

Polyphosphates are a chemical used to stabilize the water by many water treatment plants in the region and across the country. The city is going to this method of treatment to prevent the clogging of pipes at the treatment plant. The use of polyphosphates will reduce the use of another chemical, sodium hydroxide, which has been blamed for plugging up effluent lines at the plant.

The transition to polyphosphates may temporarily stir up some sediment in water mains, resulting in cloudy or discolored water. If this occurs, residents should run cold water for about 15 minutes to a half hour and the problem should disappear. If it does not, contact the street department at (419) 663-6715.


Whitebuffalo 7GPM X 30Min is equal to 210 gallons of water. Do we get a discount??? LOL


Yummy! I'll keep drinking my bottled water.

Guy on a Buffalo

I totally agree - I shouldn't have to pay for the extra water because they made it cloudy!


THAT'S REASSURING! Comforting even. I think I'll go pour myself a nice tall, ice cold glass of rusty sediment water right now! And then I might even draw myself a nice, warm pre-dirtied bath. And then I'll make some sleepy time rust-tea (heh, get it? Rusty! I crack myself up sometimes)