Current sheriff endorses former sheriff in commissioner race

Democratic challenger Tom Dunlap is running against Republican incumbent Larry Silcox in the Nov. 6 election.
Joe Centers
Oct 15, 2012


Saying "he has a vision," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard has endorsed Democratic challenger Tom Dunlap against Republican incumbent Larry Silcox for Huron County Commissioner in the Nov. 6 election.

"Over the past year I've met with Tom on many occasions," Howard said during the announcement. "In fact, he's been here more than the three commissioners combined. He has a vision."

Howard said Dunlap is concerned about the "safety of the deputies and the safety of the citizenry."

"Tom is a very down-to-earth individual....He has a passion for service. I think, without a doubt, he is the guy who can take Huron County to the next level."

Dunlap, who was Huron County Sheriff from 1984 to 1989, talked about the endorsement.

"I'm just very pleased to get Sheriff Howard's endorsement," Dunlap said.

Dunlap also has been endorsed by the Huron County Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (OPBA), the Huron County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Bellevue Police Department FOP.

"Those are the people I work with," he said.

Dunlap has spent the last 20 years as a law enforcement teacher at EHOVE.

"Tom and I have talked many times," Howard said. "It is about a long-range plan and stability."

Dunlap and Silcox participated in a Reflector-sponsored debate Wednesday afternoon. You can see a replay of the debate at

Silcox, who has been endorsed by the local Brotherhood of Carpenters' Union 744, said he is not concerned with endorsements.

"I haven't got the law enforcement (endorsement) but that's all right," he said. "I'm not here to get endorsements. ...I'm here to do a job. I don't want to be tied to anybody or owe anybody any favors. I will make every decision that is best for the county.

"The endorsement I want is from the constituents who vote."


grannie G

have a great day

grannie G

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jack langhals

Now that sure doesn't surprise anyone.Granny you have a nice day also,unless you are a Gun Totin,Christian Redneck !


Two peas of the same pod...... I don't trust either one of them nor should the people of Huron County. Howard will be the PUPPETMASTER to Dunlap.


The kiss of death, I think Dunlap had a chance up till now.


Keep you enemies close and your POSSIBLE future budget closer! Watch out for the strings attached to that handshake! The worst Past Sheriff in history Tom Dunlap who cost this county more in law suits than any previous Sheriff, until the history records the cost to county taxpayers from the Present Sheriff, GIMME DANE MORE $$


I agree!! He wont get my vote now! Will never trust Howard again! Power corrupts all!

rocketman 51



Couldn't agree more...and of course he's been around the office, last winter the Sheriff gave Dunlap an award at the employee banquet...funny though, not even one hardworking dispatcher received an award but a non-employee Commissioner candidate did!


Never again will I endorse this Sheriff or anyone he so closely aligns himself to.


i've been telling you guys in the above statements this for the past four years and before you all voted him in what type of person he is now is on the verge of controlling dunlop and sharon ward on the county seats; many other police dept. are getting a taste of the dane howard they thought they were endorsing and finding out what a piece of work this guy is. this guy is extremely power hungery wants to walk around and remind everybody that this is his county and his dept and he'll do what he wants because he can. well now that he will get two commissioners in his back pocket he really will now and it will be twice as bad than before look out huron county the other shoe is about to drop


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Let me reword this! Look at the handshake, obviously Tom Dunlap has turned his hand to the top of the handshake, in a I am superior statement, as he has done this I am better than you handshake for years! Look out for these two if you trust them with your vote! I am not voting for Sheriff even if he has no one running against him this year, it is my lack of confidence in him that will not get any vote this year.. And I will not vote for Tom Dunlap for commissioner either.. My vote goes to Larry Silcox!

Brock Lee

silcox isnt any better isnt their a third guy runing i vote for him

Swamp Fox

There were numerous reasons Dunlap was a one term sheriff.


Why? Please explain.


Humm okay. Would Dunlap be in Howards back pocket? Scary


Please change your tie from last week

Swamp Fox

2008HD, why change his tie, its difficult to find nice clip ons and its matches his lunch for that day.

Sitting In The ...

I'd say Sheriff Howard should stop at their office but after last time I would avoid that.


Well, of course Tom has been to the office more than the commissioners,Sheriff Howard has invited him to the office, the substation opening, the annual my buddy award dinner, and the retirement of the two most productive office ladies in the Civil Department of HCSO. He did not send the commissioners a invite to many of the previous stated programs, they found out about them by newspaper articles, and after the fact. Why would you invite Tom, and not the Commissioners to these programs and PR events? The reason is he wants what he wants, and to L with those he does not want around, like the deputies who have retired,or left for other departments, or other employment! GIMME DANE MORE $$ and Gimme Tom who will GIMME the $$


Signersdecendant, You nailed it right on the feeding spoon. When Cooksey leaves, you watch, another New Londoner will be hired. GIMME another New Londoner.


Signersdecendant (sic), you can start by learning to spell your username (hint: there's an "s" before the "c" in "descendant"). Then, with lots of practice, you might be able to work your way toward writing intelligible sentences. As to the content of your rant, who in their right mind would invite our current commissioners to any event, given that they are such an embarrassment?


Well thank you for the english lesson, and it was just a typo, but takes to long to correct on the Norwalk Reflector site. So what is the word(teiwas)? Or are you a retired Norwalk School teacher who double dips at the Sheriff's office? It seems that you are just on to bash the commissioners, who are watching the budget of Sheriff Howard like a hawk! Who knows what GIMME DANE MORE $$ will force us taxpayers to pay for next! I have an idea, but it is only a rumor so I will keep quiet unitl it is proven, there goes another $250K!


Has 301 changed his tie yet? lol


its sad that the way people use to think of sheriff howard is a man that would get things done in the county, he is a prime example of how money and power change people. his lack of knowledge in business shows poor leadership abilities and has proven so by jealousy (by getting rid of officers getting more face time in the paper than he was and officers who held leadership over other employees) and by misuse of funds such as having more secretaries on dayshift than correctional officers and deputies on off shifts. since this sheriff has been in office the liability of this dept has gone up tremendously. the fact this guy does not even act like their is jail staff unless its an opportune time for a photo shoot shows poor judgment considering these people spend more time with criminals than anybody else. i heard lots of people state that this election they will decide not to even vote for sheriff howard (even though no-one is running against him) and keep their ballot empty. this dept has become a laughing stock and disgrace which is shameful considering there our many good people that work there.


So who was it Ohio99 that got the AX this week! Guess the rumor is true!
Was it you will retire, you will resign, or was it threat you will be charged if you do not resign? Typical Sheriff Howard!!


unfortunately you never know who is next it just depends upon who they sit in there next meeting and talk bad about then they go after them. sheriff howard likes to change the rules to suit his own needs but i can assure you someone will be pushed out the door i'm sure he has more friends and neighbors to bring in.


Typical is right, and if he isn't working his press opportunities he is stepping on the toes of other Huron County law enforcement agencies.