VIDEO - Watch replay of Silcox-Dunlap debate

Republican incumbent Larry Silcox and Democratic challenger Tom Dunlap met Wednesday in a debate sponsored by the Norwalk Reflector.
Joe Centers
Oct 10, 2012


Silcox and Dunlap will face off for a Huron County commissioner seat in the Nov. 6 election.

In case you missed it live, you can watch the entire debate here. Just click on the video player below, underneath the advertisement.


Watch live streaming video from registermedia at



That payroll number is higher than I thought for Summit. I'm talking about the economic impact of tens of thousands of people coming into the area for multiple events at Summit. By your argument the airport's value should then be measured by its payroll.


The companies I listed (plus many others) are documented as USING the airport for the benefit of their business. Therefore, all of their payrolls combined support the value of the airport.

As for the "tens of thousands" of people who flock to Summit for their TWO big weekends each year, please provide actual PROOF of the economic impact to all of the businesses in Huron County. I don't see it. If Summit is such a "mega revenue" source, why is Huron County's general fund almost BANKRUPT? Shouldn't it be overflowing from the huge influx of taxes collected from your imaginary "tens of thousands" of visitors as they spend their money in Huron County? Let's face it, either the racers/fans camp AT Summit, or they stay at Kalahari or Great Wolf Lodge, both in ERIE County. Other than the occasional beer run, those campers bring all their food WITH THEM.


If you ever visit Norwalk, ask some of the local business owners about the impact of Summit. As for your list of businesses that use the airport, none of them depend on the airport to stay in business so you can't count their payrolls. Obviously the tens of thousands of visitors to Summit are not"imaginary" so that statement only proves you have no real knowledge of the situation. Take a look out there this week. Are those trailers full of food?

Brock Lee

i never see ppl at the racetrack but some campers now it look close


Roger, since you want to ignore it here is part of a letter that explains the benifit of the airport to Huron County AGAIN-

Have you used the Aerial Fertilizing / Aerial Seeding Service which has based its operation over the past 3-4 years during spring and summer months at the Huron County Airport, working with the local Sunrise Agronomy Co-Op. The Aerial company has fertilized over 40,000+ Acres of local farmland each of the past 2-3 year, spraying over ¾ of a million dollars of chemicals annually, increasing crop yields by 2-3 fold, and most important, profits for the local farm community members who used the services. Aerial Fertilizing /Seeding is becoming more popular and cost effective each year drawing more local farmers to use aerial methods in their farm operations.

Our current County Commissioners Larry Silcox and Gary Bauer, have done everything they can over the past 4 years to put our airport in a downward financial spiral, and increase danger to the users of the facility. Even though Silcox and Bauer have changed their positions as we get closer to election, their end game, no matter the consequences to agriculture, has always been to close the airport, and sell the county property to Bill Bader for his personal expansion. They refused to sign grant applications in 2011, and 2012, to improve the facility, and all at NO cost to the county taxpayer. They also made 2 recent airport board appointments, who instead of promoting and improving the airport for local agriculture, and other businesses, have done nothing but purposely create turmoil, and interfere with normal airport operations at every turn.


First, the airport is only a mile from the Sunrise Agronomy plant which makes their transportation of chemicals/fertilizer/seed very convenient, and cost efficient. The airport facility is in a perfect location to service the agricultural needs of Huron County farmers, as well as those from Erie, Ashland, and Lorain County. The paved runway is 75’ wide, and 4200’ in length which is important during the summer months when aircraft need a hard surface runway due to wet weather, and the extra runway length to ensure a safe departure on hot summer days when carrying full loads of fertilizer. There is self-serve fuel for convenience and 24/7 operations, especially important to get projects completed before the onset of inclement weather. There is also the ability to secure and store the aircraft and Ag equipment at the Huron County Airport during temporary down time.


What would closing the airport mean to local farmers who use the Aerial fertilizing or seeding services???
First, the Aerial Service would have to find a suitable airport with a paved runway long enough for use during the summer when chemicals are loaded to capacity. They would require accessible fuel 24/7, and equipment storage. Possible sites with all required services include Mansfield, Lorain County, Sandusky County, Ottawa County, and possibly Wakeman (a private airport), 12 miles NE, located in Lorain County. Moving the Aerial Fertilizing Operation to another airport location will add:

1. An increase in aircraft time to, and from farm locations,
2. An increase in the amount of aviation fuel used,
3. An increase in the Pilot’s time to and from farm locations, and the new airport,
4. An Increase in employees time, and
5. There may also be additional charges in the form of landing fees, storage of vehicles, chemical, etc.

Who do you think will pay for these additional expenses??? OBVIOUSLY, YOU - THE LOCAL FARMERS WHO USE THE AERIAL SERVICESart of a letter about the benifit of the airport to huron county-


The Commissioners refused to allow a few pilots to camp at the airport for "HEALTH REASONS".
So where is the health permit to allow camping at SUMMIT???


Why don't you ask them?


Ok here is a thought, lets repair the old jail behind the court house, and turn it in to our own CBCF, it is dingy, and dungy and the druggies will hate it! Why is CBCF refusing to admit all the people the judge sends there? Alternatives the Drug Convicts will not like at all, mabye they will change their ways!(sarcasm)

Swamp Fox

goggle-"Huron County Sheriff Cleans Up Crime & Buildings"