VIDEO - Watch replay of Silcox-Dunlap debate

Republican incumbent Larry Silcox and Democratic challenger Tom Dunlap met Wednesday in a debate sponsored by the Norwalk Reflector.
Joe Centers
Oct 10, 2012


Silcox and Dunlap will face off for a Huron County commissioner seat in the Nov. 6 election.

In case you missed it live, you can watch the entire debate here. Just click on the video player below, underneath the advertisement.


Watch live streaming video from registermedia at


HuronCo Resident

Tom you have our vote on Nov. 6th, Larry I will vote for you on Nov. 7th. ;)

Cliff Cannon

Certainly,the clear winner in this debate is the people of Huron county, thanks to the "Reflector".Truly enjoy the eFFort you folks put into making all these debates happen. Obviously, informing the people is what news is all about and you folks do it very well.So thanks for giving--- we,the voters---words that define,feelings that show heart and ideas that describe dreams straight from the candidates.

May we choose wisely.

P.S. For any one who thinks I am sucking up to Joe by writing this.Please know this;I have also wanted to choke the life from him 3,157 times in our friendship.


Nothing against either guy, I would like to see both parties do a little recruiting, please don't tell me they do. Many companies and organizations recruit employees, yet for a job so important we just hope someone good throw's their hat in the ring. We get the government we deserve.
Both seem very phony, Tom's Steven Covey handshake is a little embarrassing and telling. Larry always seemed less then genuine.


Tom you also have our vote.!! Maybe we can get rid of Larry after Nov 6th.


While Larry has been a commissioner the county has lost over 2000 jobs, become known a Heroin County, and been under the control of someone who uses back door, and under handed procedures as a routine. Time for Larry to go again. Hard to understand why people forget how bad of a public servant he really is. You know you can't beleive any of his promises 1 month before the election. I heard him claim he is truthful and has integrity, that a joke. VOTE FOR a Change, vote for TOM DUNLAP


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Silcox is just like Obie who promised us that if he didn't have things turned around during his first three years in office, his would be a one-term presidency. Politicians will promise ANYTHING that the people want to hear, even things they are totally unable to do, like selling the airport to Bader. The FEDERAL Aviation Administration told the "Three Stooges" IN PERSON that they would NOT allow the airport to be sold. PERIOD. The Commissioners' own $7500 Clark & Winestock report confirmed that fact. What a waste of OUR money. We could have purchased FIFTEEN new $500 picnic tables with the money they wasted on that report!

Now Silcox is promising to relocate the airport. Where is the county going to come up with the $5-6 MILLION dollars to do that when the general fund is almost BANKRUPT . . . another LOAN we won't be able to repay? Is the state going to have to step in and take over when the county goes bankrupt because of these Commissioners' irresponsible use of money?


citizenof hc

Ninety-three (93) businesses have been documented using or benefiting from the Huron County Airport since 2011 and that doesn't include all of the farmers who have benefited from the Aerial Fertilizing Services that bases out of the airport facility annually. Over 30,000 Acres annually serviced, with over 3/4 million dollars worth of local chemicals sprayed annually, which results in increased crop yields, and profits for local farmers. Larry's airport impact figure of $43,000 per year is about as accurate as Bader's 98 million dollar impact on Huron county. The airport has a multi million dollar impact annually. All you have to do is open your eyes and look at the businesses, and visitors who fly in. This is just another one of Larry's BS story's. It's time for a change!!! I'm voting for Tom Dunlap.

Swamp Fox

Know both of these gentlemen, I like them both personally but there is a reason Tom was a one term sheriff, couldn't vote for Tom. I didn't always agree with Larry but he clearly is the better choice of the two.


Hey, Tom. I went thru the police academy in Willard with you and Bob Sutherland back in the 70's. You were the HCSO dispatcher when I was a cop and sometimes you sounded like a radio announcer on the police radio. "KQF6-5 "and"0, I think it was. Remember me? I had the long blond hair, did a little self defense training and out shot all of you on the range. :)
Best of luck, Bro.


Huron County does NOT need any more $500 picnic tables, $520k LOANS, $7500 Clark & Winestock reports, passing up grants that would NOT cost the taxpayers a dime (and would put a local company to work) only to hire out-of-county contractors to do the work, a nearly bankrupt general fund, and lies to cover hidden agendas. It's time to take our county back! I'm voting for DUNLAP!


Dunlap was the clear winner of the debate. Silcox pretends he now has a plan? That would certainly be something new for him and Bauer. He'll have to call his buddies Essex and Freeman to put one together, because he couldnt recognize one if it hit him between the eyes. He probably even believes he gets along with the sheriff, after all, the paper said so. Here is a schemer who can lie with a straight face. He doesn't deserve another term as a public servant. I could even tell he was lying about the airport information Just the annual agricultural use of the airport facility has a multi million dollar impact on the community when you figure the use of farm chemicals, use of the aircraft and equipment, crop yields, profits made by local farmers, and indirect purchases made locally by the farm community. He can lie as good as the best of them when his personal agenda and job is at stake. The Farm community and I will be voting for Tom Dunlap and Sharon Ward!!! We need a positive change to help this county..


All Tom Dunlap did in this debate was toot his own horn, I'm a member of, endorsed by... Well you forgot that you were only a 1 term sheriff, and that you took your Huron Co. paycheck when you were not even here in the county,you were cleaning up offices in Toledo. I have known Tommy since we were both 9 years old and I do not trust or respect him. As I know things he does not want made public..but not my place to do it here on this forum.
My vote for Honesty, and Integrity goes to Commissioner Larry Silcox!


Silcox? Honesty and integrity? Hahahahaha!! That's a good one.


I'm sure Larry would have tried to do the same but there is no more TOOT left from anybody' horn but a few of his buddies. He has had a number of terms to try and improve the county, unfortunately the only person Larry cares about is Larry, or the occassional business owner whom he might be able to impress, or who might be able to elevate his meager public career. I have known Larry for over 40 years and can tell you that Honesty and Integrity are only words in a dictionary to him. He left the sheriff's department for a reason and it wasn't because he wanted to, so be careful about making issues from the past public as it could come back to haunt Larry also. Tom Dunlap is the better choice here without a doubt.


Hey signer, did you ever stop to think that maybe Tom was tooting his own horn because he HAS something to toot about? What does Larry have to toot about . . . his helping to nearly bankrupt the county's general fund? Yea, that's a real feather in his cap . . . NOT!!

Swamp Fox

signersdecendant, great comment!


Don't forget Mr. Dunlap received an award at the annual Sheriff's Employee Award banquet...funny, didn't know he was an employee? Even worse, he received an award and NOT ONE SINGLE DISPATCHER did !!


I see all the airport tiny plane owners are endorsing Dunlap on this blog. How much of the county taxpayer's dime will go to these flyboys' playground if Dunlap and Ward get elected? Enough is enough. Vote for Silcox and Bauer!


I see all of Silcox's cronies endorsing him on this blog. Who else would want to re-elect someone who wastes taxpayers' money by purchasing $500 picnic tables and throwing away $7500 on a Clark & Winestock Report, or taking out a $520,000 LOAN for a courthouse vestibule WHEN THE COUNTY'S GENERAL FUND IS NEARLY BANKRUPT!! Silcox doesn't even care about the companies in HURON county as he hires a company from ANOTHER county to do the work a LOCAL company could have done. Enough is enough of Silcox! Vote for Dunlap and Ward!


They scrapped the vestibule idea so stop lying about using 520k.


The money from their $520,000 LOAN went into the general fund. I'm glad they have scrapped the stupid vestibule idea. However, the taxpayers will still be responsible for paying back that loan to the tune of over $700,000 when all is said and done.


They didn't repay the loan yet!


Give it up guy. I don't own a airplane. And don't want to give tax payers property to Summit. But show me what benefit, Summit is to Huron County. WHAT KIND OF MONEY DOES THIS COUNTY GET FROM THE RACE TRACK. I don't want to hear about that Economic impact study of $99 MILLION prove to me what kind of money we get from this private business, that benefits the tax payers of Huron County.


By the way, the new hire at the Sheriff's office, the woman from New London, isn't she related to Tom Dunlap?


By the way, isn't Silcox renting office space from Essex, a "civil-disobedient" crony?


apples and oranges. Nothing unethical about renting office space from a resident. However, it does seem a bit of a conflict of interest perhaps to have an Elected Official give an award to a candidate, hire family members, etc.


. . . kind of like giving your "landlord" a seat on a county board?


An American
You see nothing unethical about renting office space from a County employee you appointed to a public position that deals with public assets and who hadn't paid property taxes on that building for three years????
I'd say you're either blind or seriously partisan.


By the way, Sharon Ward is part of the Friends of the Airport?