Sheriff's office debuts new canine units

The Huron County Sheriff's Office has some new certified deputies on the prowl. Four police dogs are now at deputies' disposal.
Cary Ashby
Oct 12, 2012


The Huron County Sheriff's Office has some new certified deputies on the prowl -- the four-legged kind with keen noses.

Sheriff Dane Howard introduced his two newest canine handlers and their German shepherds this week: Deputies Josh Kaufman and John Vogel. Kaufman is partnered with Gunny, who is about 5 years old while Vogel's canine partner is Noro, 2 1/2. Noro made his debut at this year's Huron County Fair.


The Ohio Peace Officer Council recently certified the two deputies and their dogs, plus Bob McDowell and his new police dog, Ilko, who is 5 years old.


The new canine units join Detective Josh Querin and his partner, Bea. The 9-year-old female German shepherd has been certified for the last two years.

A story about the four police dogs being utilized by the sheriff was published on the front page of Wednesday's Reflector.




And where did the $$ come from to purchase another dog, Noro and pay another deputy? Why is Grady in the jail and not out on the road with his previous handler? Why is Bea so fat, old and arthritic that she can not move and looks like ? Quit wasting our TAX DOLLARS, Sheriff GIMME DANE MORE $$ !!!


OOPs I am sorry GUNNY not Grady one of our old K-9's!


Methods of compensation:
A) Factor all compensable time into the handler’s normal workday. The handler’s
normal workday would consist of “__” hours of normal duties and “__” hours of
FLSA compensable time = total workday hours.
B) Pay the handler all FLSA compensable time. The rate would be at one and
one-half hourly rate for any hours which exceed forty per week. This is
expensive, averaging about $6,000 to $8,000 per handler, per year.
C) Do a combination of both methods of compensation as listed above. Factor the compensable time into the workday, but if call load prohibits letting the handler leave early, pay the handler for that day only, usually at one hour overtime.


with 4 dogs now there should be one on every shift which means no overtime right; and gunny has had so many handlers that dog probably has no clue as to what it doing anymore, everytime dane finds a new good ol boy of the week the dog gets moved, don't get to comfortable deputy kaufman


I quess the money came from the 911 Budget.


You still have to pay the overtime for the care and training of the dogs and I'd say we're paying $12,000 a year just to have the dogs


With the drug problems facing this county you have to have dogs. Same song and dance from the same posters.


Hmm, now that is a interesting statement, How come OSP can take millions of dollars in drugs off the streets with just good old police traffic stops. I do not see them having any K-9 officers in their cars! Just another waste of our tax dollars with 3 dogs owned by Huron Co Taxpayers! How are they paid for?


Now what? Is Howard going to ask the commissioners for four SUVs' to haul scooby doo around? What a joke. Now are taxpayers going to have to flip the bill for dog food, medical and retirement for these scooby doos'? "No wait, we can get federal funds to get doggie treats and other necessities.." Howard stop whining to the commissioners about cruiser and just apply for federal funding unless you burned that bridge too. Seems like New London P.D., Greenwich P.D., Willard P.D., Plymouth P.D.,Wakeman P.D.,Norwalk P.D., Monroeville P.D., and Bellevue P.D., all seem to get new cruisers through police federal funding. What's your problem? Taxpayers give up on this so call administration.


i read this guy like a book tried to warn everybody but he snowballed an entire county; this guy is crafty and trust him as far as you can throw him; his motivation is nothing but a power kick and to what he can get from whom he can it from thats why he is getting dunlap and ward in his pocket now but they'll find out he will screw them too


You are so correct....I fully backed him and have since learned I was completely wrong. Big disappointment.


...and the modern day Barney Fifes now pack one bullet AND plastic baggies...