'Kiddie porn' suspect accused of sneaking into home, trying to kidnap girl

Local authorities have locked up a man caught with a "considerable amount of kiddie porn" who reportedly tried to kidnap a girl from her home.
Cary Ashby
Oct 9, 2012


A local man is facing felony charges after he reportedly entered a home and forcefully tried to kidnap a girl. He also was caught with a "considerable amount of kiddie porn," police said.

Robert M. Streit, 32, of 119 Dale Ave., Apt. 9, Willard, was indicted Friday on one count each of attempted kidnapping and burglary in connection with the Sept. 1 incident at a Willard home.

"He found an open door and went into the house and tried to allegedly kidnap a young girl," Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said. "I believe it was a little by force."

The would-be victim, a 12-year-old girl, managed to stall Streit.

"She said she had to get her shoes or something," Holden said.

The girl, who was not injured, awoke her brother, who then woke up their father.

"The father called police. ... The father started chasing him down," Holden said.

Within 15 minutes, an officer found Streit a few blocks away from the family's residence.

"He never actually got her out of the apartment," Holden said. "That was a tragedy that was averted."

Authorities began investigating Streit months earlier.

The investigation started with a tip to the Willard Police Department from the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

ICAC officials reported "there was a lot of kiddie porn coming from a certain address," Holden said. "We started a case in January or February."

Officers eventually used a search warrant and seized several computers from Streit's apartment. "That was in January or February when we used the search warrant," the chief said.

"A considerable amount of kiddie porn" was found on the computers, and Streit admitted to downloading the material," Holden said.

"I'm not even sure of the amount; it's a considerable amount," Holden said.

Because of the volume of work requested of ICAC, police had not received a report with the task force's findings until after Streit tried to kidnap the girl in September, Holden said.

On Friday, a Huron County grand jury also indicted Streit on four counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor.

Streit has been unable to post a $25,000 bond at the Huron County Jail since being arrested Sept. 1.

If he does post bail, he is prohibited from having any association or communication with any non-family members under the age of 18.

Streit also isn't permitted to be on the premises of a West Pearl Street, Willard, residence.



I have a 12 year old that likes to be played with...come over and I will introduce you to her...her first name is Smith, middle name "&" last name Wesson. Bad thing for you Mr. Streit, she doesnt play well with strangers.


The problem is that people who get convicted of sex crimes. Don't usually get the counseling and rehabilitation they need in the prisons. The justice system is crap all around. Seems like people who do drugs get more prison time then people who are convicted of sex crimes.


I don't believe there is any effective form of counseling and/or rehab for sex offenders


Its called castration.




The problem with people who get convicted of sex crimes has nothing to do with their lack of counseling!! They are grown adults who have a perverse fetish with children and CHOOSE to act on that perversion, knowing that they risk everything. The operative word here is CHOOSE, all the while, they take away all choices of their victims and leave them with a lifetime of suffering! I have no pity for an adult who destroys a child's life for a sexual thrill!! So please don't feel sorry for these people, they have chosen their bed, and now must lay in it!


119 Dale St...so you mean this guy lived like 2 blocks from Central Elementary School??? What a convenience for his chosen personal interests...What a sick individual!!!!

Paranoid Illusion

Life in prison without parole would be appropriate. This guy is living proof that pornography is heinous and dangerous and influences violent sexual crimes. Disagree? Read about Ted Bundy.


I agree. This guy probably would have done alot more than just assault her if he had actually kidnapped her. Good job to the 12 yo that used her smarts. Educate your children on what to do in these situations!

Yall Make Me Sick

Sick O!


In cases like this counseling doesn't work. yeah it will work for the moment but ask anyone who has committed a sex crime the thought is always there in the back of their minds. and they have the urge to do it again all the time. I have offen wondered why cant we make them have identifying license plates like a drunk drivers has??


Make offenders have a plate that stands out? That won't do a thing thay will just get a car in someone elses name. Or say thay don't have a car thay drive all the time. If thay did have the plate and there spouse or kid was to use the car. What kind of crap or road rage would someone give to them cus thay are in a marked car. There is never going to be a 100% right or wrong answer.


No different than the Drunk Driver plate...you can have the same arguement there too. But it does allow others to know your history. There will always be a "what if". The bottom line is SOMETHING needs to be done. The current system seems to NOT work well.


Well first of all yes they can come up with an excuse to a vehicle. Re-guarding the family, as a mother of 4 there is no way in he** i would put any of my kids in harms way of a man that is a sexual offender!! that is just asking for trouble. so i don't feel sorry for the family that stays with someone who does this. Call me cold hearted but my kids come first!


It's a very sad thing all the way around. The Justice system failed this family. Jan & Feb, com'on the justice system is dragging their feet! This man should of already been jailed. " Oh there was so much kiddie porn to go through, that's what took us so long" Give me a break! This is the same Reason Heather Jackson and her two kids were murdered in Sandusky. UNDER INVESTIGATION! It's called dropping the ball and if the criminal justice system doesn't get an overhaul, it's going to do nothing but get worse. My heart goes out to that little girl and I would hope that someone offers this girl some counseling.

Raziels Wings

This is a crime as old as time. Children arent safe . Especially little girls. More has been done to protect boys from priests and coaches then has ever been done to protect girls from men.


He will get plenty of rehab in prison. Another name for rehab is ... Bubba. Hope you enjoy rehab perv.