Man's girlfriend disputes assault charges against him

Alleged victim says her boyfriend is "a good guy" with "a good heart." He is accused of assaulting her, resisting arrest and kicking a cop in the shin.
Aaron Krause
Oct 10, 2012


The girlfriend of a man accused of assaulting her said he didn't hit her.

She also told the Reflector she disputes statements from authorities that served as the basis of a story about Devin J. McGinn published in the newspaper last week.

McGinn's girlfriend, Rhonda Alsett, called the Reflector to explain the sequence of events as she said she witnessed them. The incident allegedly happened near the old Quality Foods building on the northwest side of the Jefferson and Pleasant streets intersection.

McGinn, 25, of 57 Jefferson St., is charged with one felony count each of assault on a police officer and vandalism.

Alsett said she and McGinn got into a "little argument" late Tuesday night. Soon a man came over and told McGinn "you don't hit a woman."

"I wasn't hit, though," Alsett said.

A minute or two later, police arrived. Alsett doesn't know who called authorities.

Norwalk Police Officer Dave McDonough was the first responding officer. Officer Tim Skinner and Capt. Eric Hipp also responded.

As soon as one of the officers got out of his car, she said McGinn put his hands behind his back, the officer handcuffed him and placed him in his car. Alsett said she didn't hear the officer read McGinn his Miranda rights.

"I didn't even think he was under arrest," she said.

One of the officers approached the man who told McGinn not to hit women. The officer then asked Alsett if she was OK and she said she was. Alsett said there were no visible marks on her body.

"Then things started getting bad," she said.

McGinn's hands had been cuffed behind his back, but McGinn managed to position his hands so they were in front of him, Alsett said. The officer asked McGinn to place his hands behind his back and McGinn countered by saying he hadn't done anything.

Alsett said the officer opened his car door and she noticed the officer had Mace in his hand. She asked him whether it was necessary in this situation.

"That's when he Maced Devin. He wasn't posing any kind of threat," Alsett said.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel shared a different perspective during McGinn's bond hearing. Christophel said the suspect "became more agitated and resisted arrest" and his behavior reportedly became more violent.

"He also kicked an officer in the shin," Christophel said, referring to Hipp. "The female stated he (McGinn) had too much to drink."

Alsett said if McGinn kicked an officer in the shin, it wasn't intentional.

"I don't think he purposely kicked the officer in the shin; he wasn't even able to see anything," Alsett said, noting he'd been Maced several times.

Two other police cars pulled up to the scene.

Meanwhile, Alsett said McGinn's eyes were burning and he kicked one of the car's windows. Then all three officers got him out of the car, got him onto the ground and were restraining him, Alsett said.

Devin was gagging and told the officers "I can't breath," Alsett said. She saw one of the officers with his hand under McGinn's neck and her boyfriend's face was turning red.

The officer then let McGinn up and put him back into the police car, Alsett said.

"That's when Devin cracked his head onto the window door a couple times," she added.

Alsett said she was trying to calm everybody down.

But McGinn kicked the window again and again was Maced, Alsett said.

She said at one point, officers held McGinn down "quite a while." In response to his complaint about his eyes burning, Alsett said the officers told him if he settled down, they would let him rinse his eyes out.

After police drove McGinn from the scene, Alsett went to the station to drop off his jacket.

McGinn has been Alsett's boyfriend for about two years. Alsett said most of the time, McGinn is laid back.

"I think he's a good guy; he has a good heart," she said. "(He) would do anything for a person."

"Sometime he drinks quite a bit," Alsett said. "He's not supposed to be drinking; (he) has a drinking problem."

She said that was the basis of the argument that led to the chain of events. Prosecutors have declined to file any other assault charges against McGinn based on her input.

McGinn must post a $15,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.


Swamp Fox

This "good guy" has 24 convictions in Norwalk Municipal Court when you check the court's online information, most of them criminal......


Were there no dash cams or recorders? Sounds like alot of he said/she said?

Estrella Damm

Dateline October 2013: Rhonda Alsett hospitalized after assault with live in boyfriend.

tell it how it is

Pretty sure Devin IS good guy, who definitely has a drinking problem. Norwalk has gotten so bad, and the police so idiotically harsh that chances are Rhonda's story is much more true then the cop's side.
Devin is a good guy with a lot of problems, but he is not the kind to get violent unless prodded to do so.


It doesn't matter if Rhonda's truly right or not. The police are ALWAYS right in Huron County.


I won't be surprised if they pull a Mimi Lee. And hopefully lose. He should've just left his hands behind his back in the car and been patient. That's what started it all. Maybe they just would've let him go if he wasn't acting like a dummy.

tell it how it is

If you don't count the two from this instance, most of those are old. Yeah, he made mistakes. Doesn't mean the police had any right to choke him or continually mace him.


Old ones? Geez he's only old can they be? Perhaps if he had complied with the officers, he wouldn't have been maced.


Wow, he's a busy boy


NPD at it again. I really don't think you need to mace a guy that many times. But the best part is to have 3 officers put him on the ground and choke him. I don't care if he was drunk or not you don't treat people like that. But the police in this town do what ever they want and no one stops them and it's ok when they assault people.


Ummm...going out on a limb here, but "nice guys" don't get drunk and get in a "little argument" that requires police involvement. This girl needs to re-evaluate her definition of a "nice guy".


Oh wait...excuse me. He's a "good guy". My mistake.

Swamp Fox

Nine charges within the last two years involving drugs and alcohol, what a good guy. Girlfriend need to examine her choices before its to late or his problem becomes hers or worse.


The GF has been watching too many soaps, that's the standard bs when they say BUT I LOOOVE HIM... he has a good heart... I'll change him... yeah right. Isn' that what nasty oj's wife used to say - how'd that work for her?


Well it ended badly if you ask me, and America still lets him run free.


"little argument"? i heard this guy screaming for over an hour, and i live over 100 yards away. this was all before the cops arrived... dude was hammered drunk.


Each time he beats her up, she'll continue to say he's a 'nice guy' because he'll promise never to do it again. He loves her. He's sorry. She made him do it. -And whatever else excuses that weak women fall for from their POS boyfriends.


He probably pays the bills, too

Swamp Fox

I have never had a negative contact with Norwalk PD, oh wait I don't get drunk and have an "argument" in public with my wife. Would like to know how many days of work this guy lost during this time, my guess is 0. If he pulled this stunt in Cleveland or even Lorain my guess is a stop at the ER before jail would have been needed.


I pretty much think the only people who don't like our cops are the ones who know them for the wrong reasons.


I disregard what she has to say, life is about choices and he is where he needs to be


How could you mace Dagwood Bumstead??? What is this world coming to?

swiss family

this poor girl has NOT been payiing attention... there is no need to try to get his charges lessened ...there is NO need because our great Judges will just give him a lecture,and make him "promise" to be good and put him on "seriou probation" and turn him loose again...that is what we call "Justice" in Norwalk and Huron County...


...its called battered wife/girlfriend syndrome. Complain about how they are treated, swear they will leave, then they get beat down and beg their men to come back to them. Sad.

Yall Make Me Sick

It's called STUPID! Stupid is as stupid does. She will stay with him & he'll keep doing until he's in prison or she's in the grave. Why cause she LOVES HIM!!! She needs to redefine the meaning of love. Love don't yell @ you love don't leave marks & love don't hit you or beat you! & love don't kill ya!!!!!

tell it how it is

Did she not say she was not beat/hit? Devin wouldn't hit a girl. If any of you knew him, you'd know that. His anger issues don't go further then screaming, and yeah those need to be taken care of.
Actually read this story, and the original one, as BOTH say she was not hit. If your reading level isn't high enough to read and understand what is written, don't bother even looking at the story.
Heck yeah he needs to be put away for a while to stop drinking and get off drugs, but why don't you guys look at the fact he needs help instead of continually commenting about something that has already been disproven?


So she wasnt hit THIS time....HOW long do you wait till he does hit her? If he has the temper to drink and act like this, he has the temper to drink just ONE more and then HIT someone. I know MANY men that drink, I know MANY men who have never verbally abused a woman, I know many men that have never had the cops called on them. He needs to sober up and get a grip on himself.

tell it how it is

Yes, he does need to sober up. I'll admit that if he doesn't, he may start getting violent without being provoked (as he was in this case). Yes, he needs to either be locked up or put through rehab. Anything but put him back out in the open.
I'll completely agree with that. I just don't like how everyone in the comments are saying that he did hit her, because it's been proved he didn't. I'm not saying at all that he was in the right in any of his actions though.


She needs to wake up and dump him! It only gets worse! Wish people would quit blaming the police! They are to be respected considering they are our only line of defense against total anarchy and they definitely deserve better pay and benefits for their service, not to mention respect!