A pair of Norwalk burglary suspects have been indicted

Two teens face felony charges after theft of $500 worth of jewelry, other personal items
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 8, 2012


Two burglary accomplices have been indicted by a Huron County grand jury in connection with the theft of about $500 worth of jewelry and other personal items.

Bryan N. Jordan, 19, most recently of a Concord Court address, and Zoe M. Knott, 18, most recently of 245A E. Main St., were arrested in late August in connection with the suspected break-in incident on Norwood Avenue. Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said the pair broke into the home belonging to a deceased relative of Knott's.

"It was unoccupied at the time," Christophel said.

The prosecutor, citing the Norwalk police report, estimated the jewelry was worth at least $500. The motive is unknown.

"They pawned it at a pawn shop," Christophel said.

Norwalk Police Capt. Dave Smith, in his report, said police interviewed the suspects at the station and a short time later, officers recovered some of the stolen items in Mansfield.

Jordan and Knotts, who reported to be homeless, were transported to the Huron County Jail following their arrest.

On Friday, Jordan and Knott each were indicted on one count each of burglary, safecracking and theft.

This suspect was one of 15 indicted Friday by a Huron County grand jury. A story about all of the recent indictments was published in Saturday’s Reflector.




They are 18 & 19? No way!


They may not be Homeless now!!! lol


homeless, but have facebook profiles


Anyone can have a facebook profile and be homeless. Honestly people can use the computers at the library for free. Also I know Zoe and she's had a hard life. I'm not surprised she would get into this kind of trouble. I think that people do crazy stuff when they have nothing. They make bad choices. There's always a consequence to every action. I hope that whatever happens that the victims and also the suspects can reconsile. Maybe Zoe will learn from her choices.


i should look for a job, nah, ill go to the library and see how many likes i got today


People do use the computers for other stuff than just facebook at the library. I know people who spend tons of time searching for jobs online and have trouble finding one. There isn't much work in Huron County for anyone unless it's fast food work. Even people with degrees have a hard time finding a job. Most people my age who get a degree have moved away from Norwalk for the reason of jobs.