Grocer given chance to avoid felony conviction

A former grocery store owner is given a chance to have a clean record following alleged illegal food-stamp activity.
Aaron Krause
Oct 8, 2012


A former grocery store owner accused of food-stamp fraud will avoid a conviction if she can stay out of trouble for the next two years.

Barbara S. Keysor, 58, of 3056 Plymouth East Road, Greenwich, opted to participate in the diversion program in connection with a charge of illegal use of food stamps.

She appeared Friday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Under the diversion program, a person's charges are put on hold for two years. They are dismissed if the defendant abides by given conditions, such as community service.

"She was improperly administering the WIC program in the store," Leffler said.

WIC (which stands for "Women Infants Children") provides federal grants to states for supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breast-feeding, and non-breast-feeding postpartum women and to infants and children up to age 5 who are found to be at nutritional risk.

At the time of the alleged criminal activity, Barbara and Lanny Keysor were the operators of Greenwich Grocery, which is located at 30 Main St., Greenwich.



Waste, fraud and abuse in a big govt. assistance program? Say it ain't so.

The extreme tip of the iceberg. For everyone caught, hundreds of billion of taxpayers' dollars more is wasted on these types of centrally planned rackets.

Return assistance programs to the local level and get it out of the greedy hands of well-paid and well-healed Washington bureaucrats and politicos.


I worked for her and she's a good person. People make mistakes. I never seen anything like this happen in the time I worked at that store.

I don't know her previous criminal background. It seems to me they are trying to give her a second chance. I hope she will really consider her choices and think about the consequences. Everyone is responsible for their own consequences of the choices they make.


I only know what has been written in the Reflector, but judging from the many times I had been in the Greenwich Grocery, I would say that if there was fraud, it was probably to help a customer. Maybe she allowed customers to substitute items that were not on the WIC program, etc. I personally know this lady allowed people down on their luck, or waiting for a paycheck, to charge groceries in her store on a tab. You wont find that anywhere else around. Mistakes? We all make them. She and her husband ran a nice store, and employed some local people. Lets not be too quick to judge.

Brock Lee

sounds fare to me drugs gets a slap on rist an driving over youre brother gets a warning so frawd gets a do over


Brock you need to learn how to spell. I admit the justice system in America stinks. It also goes to show your education didn't teach you to spell. See people make mistakes.