Health inspection reports for Huron County eateries are released

The health department inspection reports for Huron County food establishments in August have been released.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 5, 2012


The following were the results of health department inspections of Norwalk-area food establishments and schools in August:

The following food establishments received no violations:

Dos Gringos; 21 N. Pleasant St., Norwalk; operator, Dos Gringos (Aug. 2, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Miller's Drive-In, LLC; 1345 East Main St., Bellevue; operator, Ken Miller (Aug. 16, regular inspection) -- No violations. Inspector's comments: Facility is in good working order!

Indian Trail Campground; 1400 U.S. 250 South, New London; operator, Eve Cross (Aug. 22, regular inspection)-- No violations.

Rite Aid; 4 East Walton St., Willard; operator, Rite Aid of Ohio, Inc. (Aug. 22, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Plymouth Floral and Coffee; 11 E. Main St., Plymouth; operator, Crystal Barber (Aug. 23, regular inspection) -- Inspector's comments: Facility is out of business. For rent sign is on the window. They have relocated across the street (Richland County).

Plymouth Pool; Mary Fate Park Drive, Plymouth; operator, Village of Plymouth (Aug. 23, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Berry's Restaurant; 15 W. Main St., Norwalk; operator, Berry's Restaurant (Aug. 27, follow-up inspection) -- No violations.

Dollar General; 100 E. Main St., New London; operator, Dolgen Midwest LLC (Aug. 29, regular inspection) -- No violations.

Freedom Valley of Huron County, LLC; 1875 U.S. 250 South, New London; operator, Michael Folkman (Aug. 29, regular inspection) -- No violations.

MTD Products Midwest; 979 South Conwell Ave., Willard; operator, AVI Food Systems, Inc. (Aug. 30, regular inspection) -- No violations. Inspector's comments: This inspection was for the vending machine only.

To see the list of food establishments that received violations and read the inspector's comments, pick up a copy of Friday's Reflector or subscribe to e-paper for less than $1 per week and read them now.



As of last month sometime, Pukertown in B 'vue has closed down permanetly ( thank god, it was nasty before the new owners took over) Guess The Taxman didn't like all the casino trips GB was making before she turned it over last year, didn't help all the judgement leins, wow, State don't like when owners owe over six figures.

swiss family

I am thrilled to know that the flower shops and drug stores are handling their food products correctly and safely... why on earth would there NOT be some of the actual grocery store Deli's or more of the sandwich shops listed????? keep up the good work health department...I can sleep better knowing that the flower shops are not contaminating their foods?????? but I guess I am on my own in guessing if the deli's where I actually buy food is doing it right.......

jack langhals

What is there to eat at Freedom Valley ?I bet there are some violations !


I hear they have tube steak cooked medium rare and protein shakes. Hence the reason for needing an inspection.