Attempted burglary defendant avoids jail time, fined and ordered to pay restitution

The woman was punished for her role in a series of burglaries in the apartment complex in which she, her sister and another co-defendant lived. All three have been convicted, and the other two women received additional time behind bars.
Cary Ashby
Oct 3, 2012


The Bellevue woman wouldn't take responsibility for entering the two victims' apartments.

However, Fallon N. Geiger and her attorney told the judge "her part was receiving some of the stolen property."

"Your honor, I was not involved in going into any of the apartments," Geiger told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

The 27-year-old woman was referring to a series of burglaries in the Steeplechase Avenue apartment complex in Bellevue between Jan. 9 and 12. Geiger and her two co-defendants lived there at the time.

One of those accomplices was Geiger's younger sister, Lyndslee E. Geiger. Convicted of two counts of attempted burglary, the 24-year-old rural Bellevue resident is serving a 90-day sentence in the Huron County Jail.

The third co-defendant was Tiffany L. Alltop, 32. She is serving four years in prison at the Ohio Reformatory for Women for a burglary conviction and three unrelated charges of trafficking in drugs.

Fallon Geiger was in court Tuesday morning to be sentenced.

"Fallon wasn't part of making the key to enter one of the apartments," her defense attorney, Tom Freeman said.

"She didn't enter either of the apartments. Her part was receiving some of the stolen property," he told the judge.

The Bellevue Police Department investigated the burglaries and break-ins, which involved the thefts of video game equipment, video games and other electronics.

During the investigation, police received tips that someone drove the women to Sandusky and Bellevue to sell the stolen electronic equipment. Some of the information came from an ex-boyfriend and the driver.

Geiger spent 31 days behind bars. She is in her third week of employment at an area factory, where she often works overtime and on weekends at the discretion of her employer.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper went over Geiger's extensive criminal history, which goes back 10 years to when she was a juvenile. Most recently, she served 10 days in jail for a misdemeanor theft conviction from October 2011.

"She has quite a few misdemeanors," Kasper said.

Geiger admitted to using prescription pills during the Bellevue burglaries, Kasper said.

The defendant pleaded guilty Aug. 2 to one count each of attempted burglary and receiving stolen property. During a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count each of theft and burglary.

At Tuesday's hearing, the judge ordered Geiger to pay $7,046 in restitution to one victim and $77.50 to another. She also was fined $500. Conway reminded the defendant she probably would be responsible for paying most of the restitution -- which her accomplices also have been ordered to pay -- since her sister and Alltop are behind bars.

The judge didn't impose any jail time, but ruled that Geiger's accomplices "had a more significant part" in the crimes.

If Geiger violates the terms of her three years of probation, she faces 18 months in prison. This was her first felony conviction.



I think I am ready to apply to be a CRIMINAL in Huron County. I could deal drugs, smoke weed, receive stolen property, burglarize homes, etc and NOT really do any jail time. What is with this judge! WOW. So many are too quick to blame the police, but the police are the ONLY ones doing the job. The JUDGE, prosecuter and attorneys are ALLOWING this to continue. Maybe if there was some REAL punishment people would clean up their acts. How many times have we seen REPEAT offenders???? She knew what she was doing was wrong, yet she made the CHOICE to do it! Throw her a$$ in jail!

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swiss cheese kat

There are no applications. Just buy some balloons or some weed and start dealing.


Actually, Ohio has recently passed laws that won't let Judges order prison time if its not a violent offense. There was a case I read about somewhere in Ohio(maybe washington county?) that a 24 year old man raped a 14 year old boy and got 90 days because of the new laws. The judge even stated that if it was in her power she would have given a prison sentence. Sometimes the judges hands are tioed when it comes to that. I forget the amount it costs us per day for a prisoner but its staggering!


At Ohio Reformatory for Women the cost per inmate is $42.66 a day.


You are correct rickross2...Sentencing guidelines are set by state law. Perhaps the Ohio House and Senate should re-examine these.


The local police departments must LOVE judge Conway. He is their job security letting every one go to keep the revolving door of the jail open. The only one not happy I guess is the sheriff he can't keep his deputies and cruisers on the road to go get the bad guys.


She looks like a little dirty girl.


she does look like a horse whip would fit right in the groove of her hand


10 years of criminal activity, she must be rehabilitated now... Sounds like the "judge" forgot to tell her not to do it again like he usually does. People of Bellevue, better check your locks!!


Way to go Conway! When is someone else gonna take his job??!


Funny how every day I read these articles and EVERY day it is always the same people commenting and making the same judgements. I work with this person and she is a very nice and sharing person. She apparently has made some mistakes and she is paying for them regardless of what you people think. What makes me sick is the fact that all you commentors (that comment on every single article EVERY single day) act as though you are perfect and have NEVER made a mistake. However this girl is gainfully employed and works 40+ hours a week. Yet all of you seem to have plenty of time to sit in judgement. Thou shalt not judge lest you be judeged!