Father stabs son in argument about beer

A local man is accused of stabbing his adult son because there was no beer left in the apartment.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 1, 2012


A Collins man is accused of stabbing his adult son in an alcohol-related incident Sunday.

Deputy Chip Deskins and Cpl. Jeff Kerber responded to 2708 Hartland-Center Road at 5:53 p.m. after a report of a domestic dispute and a weapons complaint.

"Upon arrival, deputies found a 56-year-old victim, with a significant knife injury to his arm," Sheriff Dane Howard said.

"During the investigation, deputies did confirm Chester C. Miller, 75, cut his son in the arm," the sheriff added. "The knife would was significant and needed medical attention. The son was transported to Fisher-Titus, where he was later released."

The son reportedly required seven stitches to close the wound.

"There was a fair amount of blood at the scene," Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said. "They took a statement from (the son) while he was at the hospital."

Howard assigned Detective Bill Duncan to the case.

Miller was charged with felonious assault, a second-degree felony, which is punishable by two to eight years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000.

The sheriff provided details of the altercation.

"According to witnesses, the two men started arguing because there was no beer left in the apartment," Howard said. "The crime scene was quite an undertaking to process."

Howard said there was blood everywhere.

"There were signs of violence throughout the home," he said.

Howard said the son, during the incident, grabbed a larger knife from the kitchen in self-defense.

"There is no evidence that weapon was used," he said.

"The sad part was this was an alcohol-related offense," Howard said. "There was significant alcohol consumed and that was a contributing factor."

Howard said a report will be forwarded to Adult Protective Services.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reporter Cary Ashby contributed to this story.





Second Opinion

WOW, he could get 15 years for this,
BUT if he took his wife to Planned Parenthood while pregnant they would cut up the entire body and the government would pay the bill.
Think about it people~!!


And I'm my on Grandpa!!

David Deerest.

Ho HO Ho I know a naughty son who's not getting anything for Christmas this year.


Lesson 1O1: No matter how old you are "Never EVER drink your ol' man's last beer"

Cliff Cannon

@truckin : Finally,something we totally agree on


Musta been good beer. :)


Probably Old Milwaukee Best Lt.

Yall Make Me Sick

Looks like doo doo on his lips? Ewwww

Brock Lee

he must be a hevy smoker


He doesn't look violent at all! I hope the son doesn't press charges, I'm sure it was all just a big misunderstanding.


@ marshall96:

Why not make a new buddy and invite him over for a "beer" then? :)

Just frisk him first and make sure that you're well stocked.


If he gets antsy I'll just take the son's approach; get a bigger knife!


I just think this is a case in which the judge will be having a hard time, NOT laughing.


I just think this is a case in which the judge will be having a hard time, NOT laughing.


I've often heard that the two major reasons for marital spats were over s*x and money.

I guess father/son arguments are over beer. :)

mr derp



This is what happens when you have mentally ill elderly people and every agency and doctor that has been contacted has not done anything to help the situation. When the people that can do something about the situation refuse to help then stuff like this happens.


@ Aero:

Either local, state and federal taxes and service fees will have to greatly increase on EVERYONE to help fund those programs, or publicly provided health and welfare benefits and services will need to be cut.

There ain't no such thing as a 'free' lunch. TANSTAAFL.


...like Cap'n Ron says, "You wanna beer? Get your own beer."...


Haha! Love that movie!


@Contango That is what the programs are there for. To help the pepople that need help. The reason why there is not help for people with menal illness is because when funds do get cut the funding for mental health are the first ones to go. Where is the justice in that? Both these men worked when they were younger and paid into the system. The system that has let them down time and time again. If when you become older and develop a mental illness wouldent you want the funding there, and the people willing to help you with the illness?


@ Aero:

There are no funds holding assets or revenue, they are "pay-go" programs. The money comes in, the money goes out.

The money has been spent and each succeeding generation pays for the next one. They are in effect govt. Ponzi schemes.

The number of citizens that are being let down by the "system" will increasingly grow exponentially.

The politicians have sold more promises to the populace than can be reasonably funded and the check for the invoice will eventually be marked NSF.


we tax payers and "good citizens" pay for out of control addictions.
If your theory is correct...i am terribly afraid for my grandchildren even more now.
Here i thought i only had to worry about someone beating them or molesting them...haa...alcohol ruins lives bottom line!
Its not just a dirty old man with a pitted up honker.

jack langhals

Isn't NSF already applicable when we are trillions of dollars in debt?The Ponzi Scheme is getting worse each year.How many actually pay taxes?


please take down that disgusting picture

Brock Lee

it what smoking dose


If you steal his last beer, and his pension money, there will be no beer and no home for the family. Remember this man worked hard for his pension and put a roof over the son's head for years! Maybe Adult Protection should be for Chester!

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

B double E double R U N was in order.


@ Contango I am not saying what he did was right, my point is anyone can develop a mental disorder or illness. These disorders are cause by an organic brain chemical imbalance. These can present itself at any time in the life span without prior warning. For these two men there has been multiple times when numerous people could have helped them and no one did. So shouldn’t this article be about the agencies and doctors that were made aware of the escalating situation and no one even attempted to help? As citizens we pay taxes, we also pay to receive the services that we need. So therefore wouldn’t people expect to be able to receive the care you need to help diminish some of the problems/ situations that they are in? The agencies should get in trouble for neglance, they were made aware of the situation several times and no one has done anything.