Man pleads guilty to possessing cocaine

An area man remains free on bond after pleading guilty to having cocaine during a Bellevue traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
Oct 2, 2012


An area man will be sentenced Nov. 20 for having cocaine during a Bellevue traffic stop.

James A. Johnson, 26, of Fremont, pleaded guilty Monday to possession of cocaine. The Bellevue Police Department seized 2.2 grams of the drug during a March 30 traffic stop, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation tested the cocaine.

Johnson remains out on bond.



in exchange for WHAT DEAL!?!...o come on!! smack that hand harder!!!
Gonna go right back @ it.


Sorry, no slaps on the wrist this time. When he pleads guilty to the charge, the judge only warns him to be "more careful" the next time. LOL


Sad thing is, there is no room in the local jails for long term punishment. Read the paper folks, multiple people each and every day getting busted.


And why is this? How do we, as a society, fix this trend?


Put the legalization of schedule one drugs to a popular vote. Quit wasting time and resources on those, and focus on getting the hard stuff off the streets!

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swiss cheese kat

Let all the people with marijuana offenses free and that would free up some cells for the real criminals.


If California cannot pass a law to legalize MJ, then Ohio stands no chance, believe me. There is no positive thing to run on ad wise or campaign wise when trying to pass something you smoke that harms your body. It just wont happen and wont happen anytime soon.