Local teen driver dies after collision with suspected drunken driver

A local teen was killed and two children were injured after their pickup was involved in an early-morning accident involving a suspected drunken driver on U.S. 224.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 1, 2012


The Fremont Post of the Ohio Highway Patrol is currently handling a two-vehicle fatal crash that occurred on U.S. 224 at the intersection of Country Road 23 in Seneca County. 

Joshua Collins, 19, of Willard, died as a result of the accident. A pair of passengers in his vehicle, Johni Hamons, 15, and David Tripp, 11, both of Republic, were injured.

Collins was driving a 1998 Chevy S10 north on County Road 23 at 1:19 a.m. Saturday when he stopped at the stop sign at U.S. 224 and then started through the intersection, entering the path of an eastbound 2009 Chevy Silverado being driven by Bryan Waldock, 24, of Tiffin, troopers said. Waldock's Silverado slammed into the driver's side of Collins' vehicle.

Collins was flown from the scene by a LifeFlighted helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where he was pronounced deceased.

Tripp also taken to St. Vincent via LifeFlight with serious injuries. Hamons, the other child in Collins' vehicle, was taken to Mercy Willard Hospital by Attica Fire and EMS with non-life threatening injuries. 

Waldock was taken to Tiffin Mercy Hospital by Attica EMS with non-life threatening injuries. Waldock subsequently was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, troopers said.  Blood results are pending.

Troopers were assisted at the scene by the Seneca County Sheriff's Office, Attica EMS and Fire, Bloom Township EMS, St. Vincent’s Life Flight, and Tiffin-based John’s Towing.



The stop sign must be visible. It states that he was stopped at the stop sign.


@ Diesel, Yeah, I read that now, at first the whole article wasn't showing up on my screen.

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swiss cheese kat

At 1 am, headlights can be easily seen over the small hill.


I know the family well. Josh hasn't had his license for more than a couple months and with SR-19 out between Republic and US 224, CR 23 is the best route because it doesn't have any other stop signs besides the ones at 224 and 162. He wouldn't have known that that intersection was that bad because if your driving on 224, it doesn't seem bad.


Bryan was arrested for OVI and according to abc news channel 13 ran into collins but the accident is under investigation but i repeat Bryan was arrested for OVI


This is a case where the Waldock boy was definitely in the wrong for driving under the influence but at the same time it's an accident that would have happened even if he was stone cold sober. Sometimes accidents are just that, accidents. In that area 224 has a lot of terrible intersections and that's one of them. Keep all the families in your thoughts and prayers including the Waldock boy. I'm sure he's dealing with a lot himself right now knowing he can't take any of his decisions back and that a life was taken and that two young kids were involved in that accident and saw their friend killed.


Also if anyone knows that intersection while you approach it you should slow way down... there needs to be a caution sign or slow sign near that intersection...but fault lies with Bryan he was drunk and drunk drivers should never be on the road. He'll probably also get charged with involuntary manslaughter


Looking at the photos of the vehicles involved it looked like the silverado never braked or even slowed down. if he did then he was really speeding. If he wasn't under the influence maybe that would of helped with his reaction time and he could of braked or slowed down or maybe he wasnt even paying attention to the road ie..radio cell phone, whatever but i know if he was completely alert the vehicles wouldnt look that bad. I pray for all involved


kam33 I just want to say I was in an accident on New Years eve. The guy that pulled in front of me while I was going 55 I did not have any time to react to slow down there was no marks but from my car pushing the other and NEITHER of us was impaired so it is possible for there to not be marks. If you seen my car and his we are both very lucky to still be alive. I am not taking sides on this it is sad that this happened. I pray for both family's.


I see my comment had no effect, the blame game goes on. A bunch of busy bodies.


Bryan should not be charged. Yes he was drinking but the boy pulled out in front of him. It would of been the same outcome if he was sober. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Collins family. And all the other families involved also.

Paranoid Illusion

The comments on this blog are unbelievable. I pity any defendant that has any of you on his or her jury. You all seem to have all the facts based on this little article. Whether or not the drunk driver (and he should not have been driving as his BAC was above the legal limit - period) was speeeding is not mentioned, but intoxication impairs judgment which was most likely a factor in his inability to perceive and prepare for a dangerous situation. Please stop trying to make excuses for him. As for the young man who died, the article appears to place the blame upon him. Perhaps it was a dangerous intersection, or maybe he was too tired and should not have been driving himself. Regardless, the outcome is horrible and families are grieving. So please shut up and pray for them. It is what I now plan to do.

Seen it All

As much as I am against drinking and driving.... it does not appear this accident was caused by a drunk driver (of course, no one knows the results of the BAC of the deceased yet). Sure, Mr Walduck is accused of drinking.. but IF he were sober, would this accident STILL have taken place? Or would of Mr Walduck swerved to miss the car that pulled out in front of him and hit a telephone pole and killed himself... would that of been a better outcome.. I THINK NOT! I know the intersection, and anyone who does, knows you do not dillydally when crossing it. And with it being NIGHT with headlights coming at you....... just saying .. Don't be hating someone who DIDN'T cause the accident. I do feel bad for ALL parties involved.. as it is sad ALL the way around!

Yall Make Me Sick

Praying for the Collins family. Bryan made the choice to drink & drive now he has to live with it for the rest of his life. Just like Josh's family has to live with knowing they'll never be able to kiss their son again. This is what happens when alcohol or drugs impair your judgement. Now grow up & stop with rude comments & trying to play God.


Thank you


You folks realize the court hearing won't take any statements from this blog, yes? Not sure why you're fighting the case for either side, it's just making the families sick.


I am Josh's Cousin. And i do not aprriate all these rude comments. The drunkin driver is at fault wheather or not josh pulled out in front of him or not. Waldock,should have not been drinking and driving they made it a law for a reason, you can kill innocent people. there are thousands of accidents each year for drunk drivers. Why is this any diffrent? My family is absolutly devistated. And Most of you are putting josh down but why? He is no longer here, we no longer have him here with us and you all are just talking shit! If it was your family you would be just as mad as i am now! so stop all the drama and the blame game leave that to the jugde. I hope he get what he deserves, but no matter what its Never going to fill in the loss of our family memember, he was so young and had his whole life ahead of him, and No he was not drinking he was moving and taking over the last little bit of stuff for those of you who where saying that. nobody is a perfect driver and people make mistakes, but breaking the law and drinking and driving is bigger than making a mistake, it can take lives. I thank all of you who are praying and are standing up for him, it means a lot. And for all you others with rude comments, so you not have anything better to do than talk crap about a young boy who just got killed? Seriously GROWN UP! Im sure im not the only family memeber who will be reading this newspaper add you should be ashamed of yourself!

Yall Make Me Sick

Well said Emily! Still praying for Josh & all his family. I'm good friends with his Aunt Becki. I knew of his mom. I pray God wraps his arms around everyone during their time of need. I know the hole in y'all's hearts won't be filled cause Josh is missing but God will mend it in time. R.I.P Josh you've got your wings now & God needed an angel & he chose you.


Thank you! Thank you for your prayers i know his parents hearts are shattered! so young and unexpected.




tsk tsk


watch an see If Brian doesnt get charged with Failure to control, Unsure cleared distance, speeding an therefor Vehicular homicide.


I just had someone pull out in front of me this morning on Route 20 -- At a clear intersection and there wasn't even 15 feet between us. I had the right away and I had to sp ike it!! So that's bull ! One guess as to what they were doing.... THAT'S RIGHT.. Talking on their f (&%# PHONE!!!!!


Well this isn't a time to tell your clos call story. Lol


Aaron, Pay attention to what the cousin wrote about ""it doesn't matter if josh pulled into the pathway or not""... YOU did read that part, didn't you? It sounds to me as if they were both at fault, UNLESS Josh was having a medical issue at the time ( IE: low blood sugar, etc).


PS. NR: .YOUR PROFANITY FILTER IS REALLY TO THE EXTREME NOW.. WHAT A CROCK, Since when is two letters considered profane??


Emily I'm sorry for all the comments you and your family is seeing in this reflector I pray for your family.


I have drove on that road and patrolled that intersection many times...many horrible wrecks on that intersection...there is a sign saying 35 mph just before that intersection because its so dangerous...looking at the wreckage and seeing that the car rolled all the way to the brick house Bryan was going much faster than 35mph...and was arrested on site for OVI according to abc 13 news, toledo blade, advertiser tribune, this isn't also his first OVI he has others

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swiss cheese kat

What kind of parent lets their 15 year old daughter go out with an adult male at 1 a.m.?


For those who doen't know the intersection of county 23 and state 224.
There is a house in the sw corner and when aproching fromthe west on 224 you crest a hill and cr 23 is right there, maybe 100 yards down the slope.
From cr.23 you wouldn't be able to see oncoming cars when looking to the west.
In the ne corner there are trees too close to the intersection that can hide cars from those traveling west on 224.