Troopers seize $5,000 worth of hydroponic marijuana during traffic stop

An Ohio man is facing felony drug charges after state Highway Patrol troopers seized half a pound of hydroponic marijuana, worth about $5,000, following a traffic stop.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 29, 2012


A Columbus man is facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized half a pound of hydroponic marijuana, worth about $5,000, following a traffic stop in Hancock County.

Troopers stopped a 2012 Ford Fusion for a turn signal violation on Interstate 75 and U.S. 68, at 2:20 a.m. Thursday. Troopers observed criminal indicators and a Hancock County drug-sniffing canine alerted to the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed the marijuana located in the vehicle's trunk, concealed inside of a light fixture box. Troopers also located drug paraphernalia and prescription pills.

The driver, Satin Dm Hammonds, 28, of Columbus, was incarcerated in the Hancock County Justice Center and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a Schedule II substance, both fifth-degree felonies.

If convicted, he could face up to two years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine.


Mad Man Ha

Legalize it!


...yes, legalize it, tax it, then toke down the deficite...


Wouldn't put a small ding in our debt so using that as an excuse to legalize it = fail.

Good 2 B Me

Someone help me out. I have never tried Marijuana, would not know the difference between Hydroponic or regular grown.
How can someone tell that difference??

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swiss cheese kat

Cops would be the last people to be able to tell you if it was hydro weed or regular weed based upon observation unless they themselves were toking it too.


HYDROPONIC= The system uses a growing medium other than dirt, usually rockwool or perlite. The nutrients are controlled in the solution that is used to feed the plants. The solution is different for each of the plants growing phases. In the first stage the plant is establishing roots and the first vegetation(leaves), the vegetative stage is when the plant really takes off and grows upwards and outwards producing many leaves. The final stage, before harvesting is the flowering stage. This is when the plant buds. The potentcy is controlled by the variety, feeding solution, amount of light during flowering, and time of harvest. Even the often discarded leaves can be used to make a smokeable oil.


...the hydroponic tastes like chicken...


...just kidding good 2, I assume they would be the same ?...


$10,000 a pound weed? get real. does inflating the dollar amount get them a bonus or something?


$156.25/quarter????? Maybe in NYC.

Raziels Wings

If it was legal people wouldnt be searching out perscription drugs that kill.


Im sorry but this is such a false statement. Prescription pills and the fix your body needs is not even closely at all related to marijuana at all. They are two totally different drugs.